From Glaciers to Geysers

Old Faithful being faithful Last week we were checking out glaciers and this week we were watching boiling water bubble (or shoot!) out of the earth. Isn’t it amazing what a couple hundred miles can do?
We almost didn’t go to Yellowstone. Since the opportunity came at the end of our 5 week trip from Alaska, we were really just content to sit and be cozy at our quiet (well, except for the train nearby) resting spot outside of Sarah and Brandon’s house. In all honesty, we were a little National Parked-out. Sort of Spectacular Scenery Overload. But S&B really encouraged us to go, assuring us that Yellowstone was really “different”, and that it wouldn’t be just more beautiful landscape. They were so very right! We were given a perfect day for our excursion – blue skies, puffy white clouds – and while the park was busy, the roads weren’t too very crowded. The only really big crowd we saw was at Old Faithful, but then again, who doesn’t stop for Old Faithful?! We drove part of the Grand Loop – and were impressed with not only all of the thermal areas, but also with the great diversity in the park. We saw elk both resting and drinking along the Madison River and then later in the day a herd of them was busy sunning themselves in front of the visitor center at Mommoth Springs. Massive bison walked right by us on the road, an interesting cause for a traffic jam, and herds of them could be found in the lush valleys along Yellowstone River. On the thermal side, we saw steaming hillsides, bubbling mudpots, boiling ponds, and (of course) shooting geysers. All of it was fascinating – all of it beautiful – all of it a reminder of our Creator’s kindness it giving us such marvels to view!
Elk along the Madison River
Lower Geyser Basin landscape
Pool at Lower Geyser Basin Area
Boiling Mudpot
Firehole Lake
Grand Prismatic Spring
Opal Pool
Thermal pools along Yellowstone Lake
Upper Falls crashing into the "Grand Canyon"
Road hanging over edge
Mammoth Hot Springs - Upper Terrace
The Ride Home

So, Yellowstone? SO glad we went. (Guess what, there are more Yellowstone photos HERE!)

And today? We’re SO glad we’re nice and comfy here at Camp Utmost, about 30 miles NE of Missoula, MT. The rest of our Sower team will be arriving today and we’ll start work on Monday. Not only are the slides out and the utilities hooked up, but we even have the outside rug down and the awnings out. I’m sure I’ll have more reflections (and maybe even a couple more pictures (gasp)) about our Alaskan Adventure, but for now it’s back to “regular” life. And what a wonderful life it is! Thank-you, Lord!

3 thoughts on “From Glaciers to Geysers”

  1. Oh my! What a beautiful place. I’ve never been but I hope to see it with my own eyes one of these days. As always, your pictures are gorgeous. Thanks for posting them.

  2. I’ve been to Yellowstone twice and it was nice to be reminded of the beauty and force behind those gysers. Great pictures as usual. You should contact a company that makes postcards and sell them some of your pictures. A business on the side!! Some postcards are so old looking and the same old pictures. They need updated. Thanks for your posting. It makes me feel that I am traveling right with you and Gary. Happy traveling!!

  3. Thanks for the kind words about my pictures! It’s not so hard to take beautiful pictures when you’re in beautiful places!!!! But Carol, if you know who I should contact, I’d be HAPPY to sell some for postcards! 🙂 Thanks for coming along on our adventures. You know how I love company!

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