An early morning treat

Gary took off early this morning (that fishing thing), and I was settling in with a nice hot cup of coffee. Before he’d even had time to get to the fishing hole, he returned.
“Quick – put some shoes on. You need to see this.”
Off we go – in the early morning light.
Early morning elk
And this is what he was taking me to see –
Early morning elk-1
Early morning elk-2
Early morning elk-3
Early morning elk-4
Yeah, it was pretty much worth leaving the coffee behind!

Here’s another morning event, though not so sweet –
Ogdens leaving
The first of our Sower friends headed out early today. Safe travels, dear friends! We’re missing you already!

3 thoughts on “An early morning treat”

  1. Very cool – the deer, I mean. It must be like leaving summer camp over and over for you. You spend several weeks getting to know and making new friends and then you part. I remember it was always so hard to say goodbye.

  2. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but they are elk! Gary also thought he saw a moose, but it turned out to be an all brown llama! Pretty interesting, nonetheless!
    We head out tomorrow – with a stop at the National Buffalo Refuge. I think there is more wildlife in our near future!

  3. Oh – and yes, the good-byes are hard. Though since we do it every three weeks or so, it has gotten less hard. Even though we are going our separate ways, there always seems to be that connective Sower tissue that hold us together. We always say – We’ll see you again – here, there, or in the air!

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