The Ride and the Drive

One way that MAF thanks its volunteers is to offer them a short ride in one of their Cessna 206 airplanes. Friday was our day to take to the skies –
MAF Flight
We’d never ridden in a plane that was pulled out of the hanger by two guys. But we were looking forward to the adventure!
MAF Flight - us
Gary got to be the copilot
MAF Flight-1
and I was in the back seat busily documenting our trip –
MAF Flight-5
MAF Flight-6
MAF Flight-9
MAF Flight-11
(Must be the quilter in me, but I love these fields!)
MAF Flight-17
It was a short flight, but so much fun. Gary never did take up the pilot’s offer to let him do the flying, but I think if we have the opportunity again to take to the sky in a small private plane, we’ll probably jump at the chance. Thanks, MAF! It was great!
With our flight under our belts, we were ready for the rest of our Idaho Adventure. We decided to check out a couple of the scenic drives that are nearby – so be prepared – many windshield shots to follow!
I hadn’t really seen much of the surrounding area, having flown into Boise and then had pretty much stuck to the main thoroughfares through Nampa. So right away, I was busy snapping –
Drive to Hells Canyon
It started out pretty “regular”, but soon the distant mountains began to make an appearance –
Drive to Hells Canyon-1

Drive to Hells Canyon-2 Drive to Hells Canyon-3 Drive to Hells Canyon' Drive to Hells Canyon-4

Soon we were in those mountains –

Drive to Hells Canyon-6 Drive to Hells Canyon-7

And then we were at the Snake River (which forms the boundary between Idaho and Oregon in this area).
Drive to Hells Canyon-9

Drive to Hells Canyon-11
Drive to Hells Canyon-12
Drive to Hells Canyon-13
(Can you tell I was pretty enamored with the reflections?????)
Drive to Hells Canyon-14
And while the scenery was beautiful, I couldn’t resist at least one macro shot….
Snake River-Hells Canyon-2

From Hell’s Canyon we were heading east to McCall and the lovely drive along the Lower Cascade Lake which would take us back to Nampa. We had to do a fair bit of back-tracking, and decided to take a short cut that (on the map) looked like it would save us some time. Since we could tell it was a dirt road we even asked a local fellow if it was pretty good road. He said, “Well, it’s a little rough on this side of the mountain, but once you get to the top the road is good.” Since it was a day for adventures, off we went. The name of the road? Kleinschmidt Grade. (The operative word here is GRADE.)
Kleinschmidt Grade

Kleinschmidt Grade-1 Kleinschmidt Grade-2 Kleinschmidt Grade-4 Kleinschmidt Grade-6 Kleinschmidt Grade-9 Kleinschmidt Grade-10

Kleinschmidt Grade-11
Can you see the road we traveled, cutting along the side of the mountain…..
But we made it to the top-
Kleinschmidt Grade-13
The trip down the other side was pretty tame compared to the drive up –
Kleinschmidt Grade-16
Good News – Trees to catch us
Bad News – I was on the edge side instead of the mountain side.
We did eventually make it into the valley
Kleinschmidt Grade-17
and the rest of the ride to McCall and points south was much less heartpounding.
Kleinschmidt Grade-19
Drive to McCall

We were beginning to run out of day, but were glad that we persevered and made it to the Lower Cascade Lake.
Lower Cascade Lake-1

Lower Cascade Lake-5

We certainly only scratched the surface of the beauty that is Idaho, but what we were able to get to was great!

You know there are more pictures!
MAF Flight
Drive to Hell’s Canyon
Kleinschmidt Grade
Cascade Lake

4 thoughts on “The Ride and the Drive”

  1. The website Lynn said to check out is awsome. You just wonder how long it took her to do those quilts. Great pics as always Steph. The fields do look like quilts. Have you run into Clay and Becky Walter yet at MAF. As I said before they are out there for more training on a different plane than he was working on in Afghanistan. Have a great week.

  2. Wow – that was a great website!!! What beautiful artwork! And Carol – I did finally meet Clay and Becky Walter (and their little boy). They send their greetings, and I extended yours to them. They seem like a sweet couple – I think along with his additional training, they are also hanging around here until their new baby arrives. We’ve really had a good project here (mean weeds notwithstanding!).

  3. Wasn’t that a great website. Just makes you wonder how she did it when you zoom in close. Glad you met Clay and family. They are such nice people. And yes I think they are also waiting until the baby is born and then returning to PA for Feb before they go to Afghanistan in March. I think that is their schedule. Have a great day and have fun making muffins—lots -o -muffins!! I’m sure they will taste great : )

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