A couple more miles down the road…..

Our final driving day on our trip to California went by quite smoothly. No snow storms, not much traffic (if you don’t count Las Vegas) and some great roadside views.
When we started out the local bank was flashing 18 degrees. Brrrrrr. But the roads were clear, and once we got out of the frozen parking lot, we were on our way!
Leaving Utah
Kind of an unlikely spot for a lighthouse, but it made for a pretty picture!
And gradually the snow disappeared, until it was only on the distant mountains.
Leaving Utah-1
Leaving Utah-2
Leaving Utah-4
And notice the blue sky – more good news!
Leaving Utah-5
Although we were driving through desert, the surrounding mountains were breathtaking –
Leaving Utah-6
Leaving Utah-7
We made a quick stop in St. George (UT), and when we returned to the interstate, I couldn’t help but feel like the mountian had been painted on a backdrop behind this town-
Leaving Utah-8
Interstate 15 cuts through the NW corner of Arizona, through the Virgin River Canyon.
Oh. My. Goodness.
And then around the next corner –
Honest, that picture was taken less than two minutes from the one before! If you ever have the opportunity to drive those 30 miles of I15 in Arizona, DO IT! And then go hug a road engineer.

After Arizona came Nevada –
There’s Las Vegas in the distance – with the really shiny building!
And after Las Vegas we left the interstate and went south on 95 – which had recently been redone for the truck traffic that was no longer able to cross the Hoover Dam.
Long, straight, four lanes – just the kind of road that would make Gary say – “Wanna drive?”
Nevada - Steph!
Gulp! I drove for about 50 miles, until the road turned into two lanes and dippy!

I love those mountains in the background –

Then, of course, there was more desert
and more desert

And now we are parked at the Walmart in Palm Desert!
Tomorrow morning we’ll go into our project and get a little better aquainted with the area. We’ve already found the closest In ‘n Out Burger. And we’ve downloaded tomorrow’s weather report.
Sunny and 83.

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