Girls will be girls

Granddaughters are the BEST! Before the entire family arrived, several of us decided to get haircuts. (Well, I suppose Tammy decided for Ellie & Hayley, but I was quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Hair Do Day Hair Do Day-1

It was fun to watch them practice their sitting still techniques (especially tricky for 5 year old Hayley) as they interacted with their stylists while I waited my turn. Ellie was just getting a trim, but Hayley was getting a full hair cut. And believe me, that takes a lot of concentration for a 5 year old! They both did great, but the most fun (for me, anyway) was watching them use my camera as I took my turn in the chair. Here are some of their shots –
Hair Do Day-3
Hair Do Day-2
Hair Do Day-4
Hair Do Day-6
Hair Do Day-7
(Hayley said this was so I would KNOW there was a sink there. She’s always thinking, that girl!)
Hair Do Day-9
I’m not sure I see you as a blonde, Ellie!
There were lots more, but these were the highlights. Trust me. ūüôā
In the end, we all felt pretty darn special with our new (or mostly new) “do’s”.
Hair Do Day-10
I love these girly girls!

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