Getting from here to there…..

Ready for a couple of random pictures from the last week or so?
Let’s start back in Columbus – and our early morning departure.
leaving columbus
When your take-off is delayed due to de-icing the plane, you know it’s cold out there.
But our flights to Chicago and then to LA were mostly uneventful.
Weather in the air
I think this would be considered a weather front.

Here are some shots of LA from the roof-top parking lot where we had left the truck-
LA parking-1
LA parking-2
LA Parking-3
I was able to take the time to photograph LA from the rooftop because our truck had a dead battery. Fortunately the garage had a portable battery charger/air compressor thingy-bob that got us started, except that jump starting the battery activated the security mode and it wouldn’t actually stay started. Oh, and the horn kept beeping. Since we only had a single key with us (and not the little official beeper thing) it took a little bit to figure out just how to shut off all the noise and flashing. So while Gary was working on that puzzle (I could just tell it was better for me to just walk away and not offer any helpful suggestions. Trust me. I know.) I took the opportunity to document the view.

We did finally get on our way, only to be met by this wonderful sight –
LA driving
It was a v.e.r.y. long drive to Cherry Valley.

But we did eventually arrive at our little nest, and the following day we were busy getting settled –
CVBS home
This is Gary putting our luggage away in our “attic”.
CVBS home-1
We’re getting settled in quite nicely. Our fellow workers have all arrived and we’ve been getting to know each other. It seems like it’s going to be a great group! And while our parking spot might not be as scenic as some we’ve had, we’ve been blessed with absolutely beautiful sunsets –
Friday night –
Friday Sunset
Saturday night –
Saturday Sunset
and tonight (Sunday)

I think it will do just fine!

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