And it came to pass

The rain has stopped. We have not floated away. But the weather certainly got more interesting before the sun returned. I think it was Wednesday that I was alarmed to see “white stuff” on the truck –
So imagine our surprise when we woke up to this on Friday morning –
Snowy morning
Now THAT’S some “white stuff”!
January Snow
It continued to snow and rain for the rest of the day
January Snow-1
and I just kept repeating to myself – Southern California….Southern California….

But Saturday dawned bright and clear. Ah, sunshine! Even though the temps were still in the low 40’s it still seemed like a beautiful day! I took an early morning drive to check out the snow in the area. I drove just a couple of blocks south to get a clear view of the mountains to the north (does that make any sense?). And it was quite a view!
Cherry Valley Snow
Those mountains look like they’ve been covered with powdered sugar, don’t they.
I drove back to the school, but continued north for just a little bit. Seems where we are parked was right on the snow/rain “line”, since just up the road a piece the scenery was quite wintery!
January Snow-2
January Snow-3
I think those palm trees were also saying …Southern California….Southern California……
This shot is looking south again – no snow on those mountains!
January Snow-4

So it was quite a week, weather-wise. The coming week looks much calmer. Not a whole lot warmer, but temps in the 50’s and more sun than rain. Sounds good to me!

5 thoughts on “And it came to pass”

  1. Thanks! It’s all gone now – you can still see some on the mountains, but the powdered sugar look is gone! We enjoyed a lovely day today – sunny and in the 60’s. Ahhhhh…..

  2. I loved the pictures from your recent stay here at CVBS. I also enjoyed the one in Joshua Tree ~ Beautiful! Thanks for all your work here at the school, you guys are such a blessing =)

    Mrs. Laurie Brooks
    I copied the picture of me too 8)

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. We were gone that day, and missed the snow. Sure did have a great time with you. Come back again! Judy

  4. Laurie (or anyone!) –
    If the “save as” option doesn’t work for a picture you would like a copy of you can always do this –
    clicking on the picture should take you to Flickr where all my web pictures live. If you chose “all sizes” above the picture it will let you download the picture in a couple of different sizes.
    I thought that poodle skirt picture was really cute too!
    Soo glad you “stopped by” – and I hope you come again often!

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