Nuts and Bolts

On the road again…..Ah, those are lovely words to us. As much as we enjoy our projects, there is still the wanderlust in our veins. New roads, new places, new friends……
Here’s Gary pulling out the drive (we need a nice level spot to hook-up, so we were driving separately until after we got diesel.)
nuts and bolts-1
Our last drive down Dillon Road –
nuts and bolts-2
Our last time down the hill toward Palm Springs –
nuts and bolts-3
And then on to takin’ care of business –
nuts and bolts-4
nuts and bolts-5
(Did you know that many fuel pumps will only let you pump $75.00 at a time. Trust me, that wasn’t nearly enough!)
nuts and bolts-6
And then comes the “hook-up”. While Gary is busy attaching the truck to the tow bar on the rig,
nuts and bolts-9
my job is to do the “inside work”. That means putting on the auxiliary brake (every time Gary hits the brakes on Lizzie, this brake also pushes on the brake in the truck. That way we don’t have a 5000lb. truck pushing us down the mountains.)
nuts and bolts-7
After I get the brake in place, then I have to do all the transmission “stuff”.
nuts and bolts-8
You can bet I stand outside while Gary pulls Lizzie forward, making sure that the wheels are turning and the steering wheel isn’t locked.
nuts and bolts-11
That would be bad. Really bad.
So, here’s the driver, all ready to hit the road.
nuts and bolts-12
Here we are, driving through the fields of windmills for the last time.
nuts and bolts-13
(And loving that we got to follow an In-N-Out truck for part of the way. We LOVE In-N-Out!)
We weren’t going all that far – only about 175 miles, but it did involve going up those mountains –
nuts and bolts-14
and then coming back down-
nuts and bolts-16
(when we really appreciated that auxiliary brake!)
We were headed to Palmdale, CA, which is located about 70 miles north of Los Angeles, in the “high desert”.
nuts and bolts-18
Those were pretty impressive high-tension wires – we think they probably came from the Hoover Dam.
We made it to our resting place, a Walmart parking lot in Palmdale.
And that is the nuts and bolts of our day!

Propane – $78.98
Diesel Fuel – $218.01 (but then again, we hadn’t filled up since November!)
Garlic Bread from Walmart (ah, small pleasures) – 1.74

Being on the road again (even if it wasn’t very far) – Priceless!

One thought on “Nuts and Bolts”

  1. Since we only tow our fifth wheel, I learned some things from your post. And I love that you travel with a plant on the dash of your motorhome.

    We LOVE In-and-Out burgers, too!!

    Great going-down-the-road pictures!! Wasn’t today a beautiful day?!!

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