Ah, sweet romance!

This has always been one of my favorite family pictures, taken at a wonderful surprise birthday party Gary threw for me in 2001.
The kids row –
Josiah’s college girlfriend, Abigail, Josiah (son), Tammy (new daughter-in-law), Toby (son), Lara (daughter).
The adults – Gary and I, and my sisters, Joie and Elna.
All people who are very precious to me.
But shortly after this party, Josiah broke up with his girlfriend. Now it wasn’t so much that he didn’t care for her any longer, but he just realized he was a too selfish to really be in a relationship. He told me he wasn’t going to date until after college – it was all just too distracting. And he stuck with that decision.
And I did what any good momma would do with a picture that she absolutely loved.
I got busy cropping.
Time passed.
Josiah graduated.
We left town.
Josiah began dating again.
As he said to me later, everytime he went out with a girl, he just kept comparing her to Abigail. And whoever she was, she (the new date) just wasn’t measuring up. He finally decided to to see if maybe Abigail would consider coming back into his life. Let me tell you, it was a pretty hard sell. Once burned…..you know how that goes.
I certainly don’t know all of the ins and outs of how it all worked out, I can tell you that it worked out well!
Three years ago today, they walked down the aisle and committed their lives to each other.


Today they are living in Lancaster, PA, and blooming beautifully where God has planted them.
And when we get together as a family, we make sure that Abigail isn’t on an end!
Oh, and that favorite photo from 2001?
It’s back to its beautiful original. Full of people all the more precious to me!
Happy Anniversary, Josiah and Abigail! You are a blessing to each other, and to our family!

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  1. aww, Mom. I love you. great post! I shared this with the ladies in my office and they loved it! :o) I’m glad to be part of such a wonderful family!

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