Arches National Park

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Today we did Arches National Park. Well, maybe saying we “did” the park is a little of an over-statement. Let’s say we did some of Arches NP. I do think we hit the highlights, got in a couple of nice hikes, and was once again (of course) struck by the amazing beauty of this country.
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The park doesn’t just have arches, it also has some amazing rock formations. In the group above is the Three Gossips, the Sheep, and the Courthouse Towers. Can you figure out which is which (even though they are small!)?
Arches National Park-2
Those are the Petrified Dunes.
Arches National Park-5
This is Balanced Rock. We actually saw lots of examples of balancing rocks, but this one seemed to warrant the name.
And we did see plenty of the beautiful arches –
Arches National Park-6
The Cove Arch
Arches National Park-7
The South Window
Arches National Park-9
The South Window with perspective!
Arches National Park-12
This is the Double Arch.
Arches National Park-13
And this is NOT A TRAIL! There is this ancient,living dirt in the park (and all over the area) called cryptobiotic crust. And we had to be very careful not to step on it. This being a tourist is trickier than you think! Antique Dirt. Hmmmmmm.
But back to the sights –
Arches National Park-16
These are the North AND South Window arches.
Arches National Park-18
And that was the view as we completed our hike to those arches. Such expanse!
Arches National Park-19
The Double Arch
Arches National Park-20
More Expanse!
Arches National Park-21
The hike to the Delicate Arch viewpoint.
Arches National Park-22
And the view of the Delicate Arch – probably the most recognized arch in the park. It’s on many of the Utah license plates, and is the unofficial state symbol. We could have hiked all the way to the arch itself (like all those little people in the picture), but it was over 3 miles and according to the guide, considered “strenuous”. We decided that a good view was just fine with us!
Arches National Park-23
That hike was under mile, but still “moderatly strenuous” – and well worth it!
Our final arch of the day was the Landscape Arch –
Arches National Park-27
and that hike included this view –
Arches National Park-26
This was a lovely park!
And after a full day, we hooked up the truck and headed north.
Arches National Park-28
Isn’t it amazing how quickly the terrain changes out here?
Arches National Park-29
The road dead-ended at those mountains, which is where I70 passes by (E-W). We are actually situated on the top of the mesa to the left, parked in a nice rest stop. Tomorrow we hop onto the interstate for an exit or two west and then head south to Capitol Reef National Park.
The Rock Tour continues!
OH – one more interesting sight from our day at Arches –
Arches National Park-3
This is a German touring bus from a company called Rotel Tours. It’s a rolling hotel – get it, ROlling hoTEL! Here’s a link to their website where they describe the accomodations. Good thing they have lots of pictures, since it’s all in German. 🙂

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