I have too much to do

to spend a lot of time working on a post, BUT we had such a nice weekend I couldn’t resist just a little break from my packing chores to share some pictures! (Big surprise there, eh?)
Do you know anything about Nevada City and the surrounding area? This area was first settled as part of the California Gold Rush in 1849. So of course, it only seemed proper that we should visit one of those mines – the Empire Mine State Historic Park. There were gardens to explore, “cottages” to wander around, and of course, the mine yard complete with a working (that day anyway) blacksmith.
Here’s a little taste of it for your viewing pleasure:
Empire Mine-1
Empire Mine-2
Empire Mine-3
(you wanted to see that bark close up, right?)
Empire Mine-4
There were fountains-
Empire Mine-5
and “waterfalls”
Empire Mine-11
falling into a “pond” – might have been a swimming pool at one time I guess.
Empire Mine-12
Behind the “cottage” were more gardens –
Empire Mine-6
Empire Mine-7
And then there was the mine yard –
Empire Mine-10
We were lucky enough to catch the blacksmith shop in action –
Empire Mine-9
Empire Mine-8
Next on our fun filled Saturday was a wonderful wildflower hike along the South Yuba River
The river is beautiful there – coming or going!
South Yuba River-1
South Yuba River-2
We just caught a glimpse of some folks REALLY having a good time on the river….
Maybe we’ll “do” the river that way next time (I’m sure!), but for this day I was busy oo-ing and ah-ing over the wildflowers along our way.
South Yuba Wildflowers - Yellow
South Yuba Wildflowers - Pink
South Yuba Wildflowers -purple
South Yuba Wildflowers-white-seeds
Like I said, it was a beautiful walk!
Oh – and this state park is also home to the longest covered bridge in the country.
South Yuba State Park
Really, that’s what the sign said.
Since we had a little time before our dinner reservations (I know you are stunned that we had actually planned ahead!), we decided to explore a little bit of downtown Nevada City. Galleries, shops, cafe’s, historic hotels….it’s a great little town!
Nevada City Streets
Quaint, quaint, quaint. The guys hung out at the Java Joe’s – but we ladies enjoyed a beautiful gallery and some great window shopping. As a bonus, the rain held off!
And to put a wonderful finish on an already wonderful day –
Willo Steak House
Dinner at the local steakhouse.
Great sights, great food, great friends! The best part of the day was that we got to spend it with fellow SOWERs and good friends, Jo and Roy –
Jo and Roy
What a blessing the day was!

But what, you may ask, am I packing for? 🙂
Tomorrow morning I’m flying to Vermont for a week and a half. It’s my traditional Girls’ Week – with a couple of extra days and girls of various shapes and sizes thrown in. It’s been almost two years since I’ve seen my sisters or spent time at the cabin, so I’m very excited about the days to come.
Traditional Cabin Shot
Sisters…..double sigh.

2 thoughts on “I have too much to do”

  1. Beautiful pics, as always. Have SO MUCH FUN and lots of laughter and some good tears at girls’ week!

  2. Sure you don’t want to join us? Lara is coming up just for a day (Friday the 4th) before she attends a conference of some type at Messiah. Sure would be fun!!!!

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