Seeing the Big Boys

And I mean the Really Big Boys!
Mt. Rushmore-1
We had a beautiful day today as we visited Mount Rushmore and neighboring Custer State Park. And it wasn’t only the bright blue sky that made it beautiful – it was a day spent with our good friends, John and Rosie!
Mt. Rushmore-2
Mt. Rushmore was quite fascinating. We enjoyed a couple of great “Ranger Talks” that helped us better understand this monument – it’s purpose, why the presidents that are there are there, and how this mammoth sculpture was actually accomplished.
Mt. Rushmore-3
It was a very interesting morning!
Mt. Rushmore-4
From there we headed a little south to take in some scenic drives through Custer State Park. We had lunch with the Bison –
Scenic Drive-1
Squeezed through some teeny-tiny tunnels –
Scenic Drive-4
and I mean really teeny-tiny –
Scenic Drive-5
We passed several beautiful lakes
Scenic Drive-7
Scenic Drive-2
and saw lots of beautiful scenery!
Scenic Drive-3
And somehow, before the drive was over, we managed to find some ice cream.
Scenic Drive-6
Yep, a pretty darn perfect day!

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