It probably comes as no surprise that Gary and I are really not “city people”. Although we lived just 30 miles outside of Philadelphia for most of our lives, we rarely ventured downtown and the thought of actually driving anywhere in the city filled me, anyway, with fear and trembling. But one thing we have learned in our travels is that if we are near a “‘big city” we should at least check it out.
Chicago. San Diego. Washington, DC. Every one was worth the drive and the traffic and the stress of getting around in totally unfamiliar territory. And even with the big 4th of July holiday looming large the next day, we knew that checking out Minneapolis was a good idea. We weren’t disappointed!
We took a lovely walk along the Heritage Trail, crossed over the Mississippi several times, learned that Minneapolis is home to the only waterfall along the Mississippi River (the St. Andrew Falls) and it became a city of substance largely due to the grain and logging industry.
Our walk took us down to the water’s edge,
across the beautiful Stone Arch Bridges,
with expansive views of the river and St. Anthony’s Falls.
There were historic buildings
and people on segways touring past the historic buildings!
There were interesting “ruins” and walkways
and views of the locks.
We saw some unusual sculpture
and enjoyed seeing some historic architecture along the way.
And even some unexpected businesses
Self Serve Dog Wash. Who knew?
We only scratched the surface of beautiful Minneapolis –
but we knew there were other sights to see.
Since Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 lakes, we thought it only fitting that we check out nearby Lake Minnetonka. It certainly looked like it was getting ready for a big holiday weekend
Lake Minnetonka-1
but what really caught our eye was the Noerenberg Memorial Gardens. Situated right on the lake it is considered one of the finest formal gardens in Minnesota.
Noerenberg Gardens-1
Noerenberg Gardens-2
Noerenberg Gardens 7-3-2010 7-16-21 PM
I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the many paths and garden beds,
Noerenberg Gardens-8
and Gary really enjoyed
Noerenberg Gardens-9
the gazebo!
It was a fun day – the crowds weren’t too bad, the sights were great, and the history interesting.
But one of the best things about Minneapolis was being able to connect with some dear friends from Doylestown – Dan and Emily Young. It wasn’t the best weekend for them for visitors (Dan had rotator cuff surgery on Thursday and they are in the process of getting ready to put their house on the market), but they were gracious hosts and we enjoyed our time with them.
Us and the Youngs
And as an added bonus, we were able to park our house in their church’s parking lot.

Tomorrow it’s back on the road for us – we’ll be heading towards Chicago and are looking forward to getting together for a quick visit with my nephew and his family. This life on the really has some perks, doesn’t it? 🙂

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