Now when I was a girl, “camping” meant tents and cots, sleeping bags and coolers. Most of the camping I did was with my cousins (and aunt and uncle, of course) on Lake George in upstate NY. We often were on an island, and the adventure was even greater since we had to get there by boat. By the time we arrived, the tents were set up, the “kitchen” was in place (under a good sized tarp), and the cousins had all ready scoped out the best rocks for jumping into the lake. Flashlights, rustic outhouses, campfires and some of the best food I ever ate. That was camping then.
This is camping now. Air conditioning, queen size beds, TVs, refrigerator/freezer and a bathroom that flushes right next to the bedroom. Oh, and throw in a couple of Barbie movies, and you have the perfect storm for Camping a la Grams and Pops. 🙂
So while it certainly wouldn’t be considered “camping” in the strictest sense of the word, it certainly was just what the doctor ordered for camping with our three little girls!
We were at the Lazy River Campground – a very family friendly campground less than an hour from Marysville. And although I had planned for a couple of crafts myself, the campground had plenty of options too! There were paper airplanes to decorate, make and then launch off the zip-line tower. There were fun paper hot air balloons to color and decorate. But the craft I think we enjoyed the most was the egg drop construction/competition. The object was to build a container to protect your egg from a drop from the zip-line tower. They supplied some “building” materials (and the egg), but you were welcome to bring anything you might have that would be useful. I had a fairly large stash of bubble wrap (he-he)so we were in pretty good shape. Each girl put together their own container (well, ok. Maddie did have a little help from Pops. I’m not sure the parachute was actually her idea. Or really anything past wrapping the egg in the purple tissue paper!) and then got to do the dropping themselves.
2010 07 17
All three eggs made it safely to the ground (even with one of them landing on the concrete). Bubble wrap ROCKS!
But I had come prepared with some crafty stuff of my own, so on Saturday they painted little wooden birdhouses-
Camping Crafts
(And no, we did not launch them off the Zip-line tower.)
There were games to play
and a visit from the Bug Lady.
(Yes, that is a live tarantula in the jar Hayley is holding. You will notice that Ellie is no longer on the bench!)
But the most asked question was – Can we go to the POOL now?
The Pool!!!!!
All the girls were thrilled with the pool. Ellie was a bit of a loner, busy working on her swimming technique, Hayley was busy with “watch me” “watch me” as she also practiced her underwater swimming and jumping into the pool skills. And Maddie – my goodness! She was our little fearless cannonball. Sometimes she wanted us to catch her, but most of the time she just wanted to jump in and then swim to us. (Mind you, she had plenty of floatation devices on her, but she was just incredible to watch!)
Here’s my favorite shot – all three with a new pool friend:
There were other sweet memories on our camping trip –
Like the Sweet Dreams phone call from Mom and Dad –
Maddie saying goodnight
(while they all enjoyed their pre-bedtime popsicle!)
and then getting all three asleep in one bed –

We had such a sweet time with them – I know it will be one of my most precious memories!
Camping Girls
And to make a lovely weekend even lovelier, the night that we returned from “camping” we went to the airport and picked up Mom and Dad.
Mom and Dad return
How blessed we are!

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