A couple of things….

before we move on.

The Garage Sale
Garage Sale-2
One of the first things we did at our son’s house was to help them with a garage sale. Since all proceeds were going into the Vacation Fund (read “gas money” if you’re Toby, “more treats” if you’re under eight), the girls wanted to help with a lemonade stand.
Garage Sale-4
I mean, really, who wouldn’t buy a little lemonade from these girls?
Garage Sale-5
And there was only a little bit of drinking the profits!
Maddie was also pretty interested in being the “cash register”.
Garage Sale-3
Garage Sale-1
Gotta watch those little fingers!
The Sewing Project
I thought it would be fun to do some sewing with the girls since we were hanging out with them for several days before we went camping. The girls were quite fascinated with the whole sewing “thing”, and I had a hard time getting a turn!
Sewing Sisters-2
Sewing Sisters-1
It was a little more of a project than I thought it would be (it had been years and years since I had done any real garment sewing and there were just a few interruptions along the way) but I did manage to get the outfits done. 🙂 Of course, I didn’t take an official picture of said outfits, but Ellie and Maddie wore theirs on the airport run to get Mom and Dad.
The Jumping Machine
So, what do you get when you take all the pillows off the living room sofas and make one big pile with them?
A Jumping Machine!
Jumping Machine-1
Jumping Machine-2
They assured me Mom lets them do this all the time.

OK, that might just be the last post of grandchildren for a little bit. Thanks for hangin’ in there while we were busy being Grams and Pops.
It was a pretty fun gig, don’t you think?

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