Sitting still

and catching our breath.
Home at Ikoniaks
It seems like forever since we’ve been in our house with the slides out, a little bit of power to run the A/C and the coffee pot, and a little free time on our hands.
We had a great visit with our kids in Lancaster,
Lancaster Conrads
an excellent (though too short) visit with my sister, hubby and some of their family north of Carlisle –
Dwinell Genes
(L-R – Me, Niece Chris, Sister Joie – sure do love those ladies!)
and an all around great time re-aquainting ourselves with the beauty that is Pennsylvania.
But I must confess, that it is LOVELYto be sitting still, not only catching our breath and catching up on chores, but more importantly, catching up with friends!
(They’re reviewing the morning’s yard sale finds!)

Oh, and sleeping in our own bed!

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