Girlfriends are the BEST!
And I, for reasons beyond my understanding, have been blessed with some of the BEST girlfriends EVER.
There are my Quilting BFF’s –
Before we hit the road six years ago, we met every Monday night and while our fingers were busy making quilts for our kids’ school, our hearts were melded together as we shared our lives over the quilt frame. We grew together as our kids went from elementary school to high school and then to college. We rejoiced at weddings and the birth of babies. Some nights we solved the problems of the world. We laughed, we cried, we prayed. These ladies are so very precious to me!
Seven of us met for dinner at a local restaurant, ate and talked from 6-9:30PM or so, and then hung around the parking lot finishing up our conversations for another half hour. It was a great night!
(And the picture is from our last gathering 2 years ago and is missing two dear friends – Janet & Nancy. I was too busy catching up (i.e. talking) to pull out the camera for a group shot. But I don’t think any of us have really changed!)
Then there are my Birthday Buddies.
I know I’ve mentioned these dear friends before and it was indeed wonderful to be celebrating our (non) birthdays by enjoying High Tea together and then catching up into the night. These are friends that know all my “stuff” and still love me anyway.
And then there’s Janet –
She and I met on the first day of preschool for two of our children (who are now 29). In those early years we were together so much that her youngest daughter (a babe in arms when we met) to this day calls me Mom. As the kids grew and we lost some of the connecting threads (school changes and the like), we still managed to maintain a special kindred heart friendship. We both count Janet and her sweet hubby Joe as some of our closest friends – the ones you might not talk to for a couple of month, but it doesn’t really matter. You know that they know that you know you’re there for each other! (Plus, now that we know our house fits in their driveway, they know that we’ll be back!).

I can’t even begin to list out the wonderful girlfriends I’ve made in the last six years – Jo, Rosie, Naomi, Lilly, Dolly, Nancy, Joan, Anne, Ellen…..

Or the friends that I seem to have been re-connected to as I blog around the country – like Lynne and Deb.

But these may be the most special of girlfriends –
sisters 1954
Because when you’ve been blessed with sisters that are also best friends – well, it doesn’t really get any better than that!
GirlsWeek10-11 crop

Girlfriends – like I said, I have the BEST!

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