Cabin Food

Do you find that when you’re camping, the food tastes especially good? That’s how it is here at the Cabin :).
It might be because we can toast our English muffins by the fire –
Or it might be that I finally have a wonderful selection of cast iron pots (a little too heavy for RV life)
cast iron
so I can try out “Roy’s Cast Iron Pan Apple Pie” –
Oh, yeah, that was good! Thanks, Roy!
Or it might be the blackberry bounty of the surrounding hills
that enabled my first ever blackberry pie!
blackberry pie
blackberry pie-1
blackberry pie-2
Even if it’s the breadsticks and pizza
right out of the DiGiorno box in the freezer that our son left behind,
it still tastes better at the Cabin!

5 thoughts on “Cabin Food”

  1. Looks like you had a great time at the cabin, EATING!!! I’d love the apple recipe also, so I can use one of my cast iron pans to make it.

  2. I think you’ve convinced Katie with all these posts that she’d brave the outhouse to visit the Cabin! Maybe next summer! 🙂

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