So, Waco

Waco-Dr Pepper-1
Waco, Texas, is known for many things. It’s home to Baylor University, (oldest institute of higher education in Texas), the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame, and beautiful Waco Lake.
There’s the Waco Suspension Bridge, that was the longest single-span suspension bridge west of the Mississippi when it was completed in 1870.
And Waco is also the birthplace of the Dr. Pepper softdrink, and the Dr. Pepper Museum –
Waco-Dr Pepper-4
We finally made it to the museum and were pleased to have our own personal tour guide – Katie, who is one of Lara’s housemates.
Waco-Dr Pepper
(Sorry, Katie – I should have asked you to stop and smile so I could have gotten a better picture of you doing your “thing”!)
Katie not only gave us a great tour of the museum
Waco-Dr Pepper-5
but also arranged for a “behind the scenes” tour of some of the Dr. Pepper “overflow” –
Waco-Dr Pepper-6
Waco-Dr Pepper-7
Waco-Dr Pepper-9
Waco-Dr Pepper-10
It was fun to see all the extra’s waiting for just the right spot in the museum. Or to try to imagine that dress on someone. Anyone.
As you can see, Waco is home to lots of interesting things to see and do. And we’ve been able to enjoy some of them. But to us, Waco is home to our daughter –
Lara 10_10
and THAT’s what we love about Waco!

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  1. Ok, we will have to meet in Waco one day! My Leslie and family live there!! Don and I will be there Monday for two weeks. How long are you there? Did you stay in that Corp of Engineers park on the lake off Hwy 6? That picture of the lake looks very familiar. We always stay in that park

    Sic’em Bears!!!!

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