The National Peanut Festival

National Peanut Festival-1
So peanuts are pretty important around here. To both the economy and to the culture. So it’s no surprise that one of the premier events in this area each November is the National Peanut Festival. And while I’m sure it has morphed over the years from a pure celebration of the peanut to a fairground full of wild midway rides with a couple of peanut exhibits, it’s still a pretty big deal around here! We checked it out towards the end of its run, and it was quite the happenin’ place!
National Peanut Festival-4
(yes, that’s Gary again, waiting for me to catch up!)
Remember the Date Festival back in California with the ostrich and camel races? This festival didn’t quite get into the “exotics”, but it sure was fun watching these little guys rip around the course.
National Peanut Festival-2
National Peanut Festival-3
Suuueeeweeeey- that was quite a race!

Before we checked out the rides, we wanted to get a feel for the “real” Peanut Festival –
Your canned goods….
National Peanut Festival-5
Peanut dessert recipes…..
National Peanut Festival-6
And of course your local crafters….:)
National Peanut Festival-7
But then it was on to the Midway. I confess we save a lot of money at these festivals because we never succumb to the lure of the rides or games, but it’s always fun to watch! We had never seen this “ride” before
National Peanut Festival-8
Those are people (kids actually!) in those giant bubbles. What will they think of next!
Must be my age, but I don’t think you could have PAID me to go on some of these rides –
National Peanut Festival-9
National Peanut Festival-10
National Peanut Festival-11
Too High. Too Fast. Upside Down. Nope.
Every night they also had free entertainment. OK, so it wasn’t Garth Brooks or anything, but they had some good names. We waited until Friday so we could hear Bebo Norman, a favorite Christian singer/songwriter of mine. We decided not to indulge in the reserved seating (I was already stretching my “but honey, it’s my birthday” karma just to get Gary to GO to the concert) because if you have to pay for seating then it’s not free. And we do love free. However, what we didn’t know was that the “free” section was way back, behind the barricade and without ANY seating.
National Peanut Festival-13
Did I mention that it was also about 40 degrees and the wind was whipping? We had a blanket with us (and hats and gloves and double scarves and about 7 layers of clothes), but even that didn’t really help in the “enjoying the concert” department. We hung around for the warm-up act, and then stayed for a couple of Bebo’s songs, but in the end, the cold got us. Somehow I’m not quite ready to give up feeling in my toes when I can always pop in a CD and listen to the guy. Sorry Bebo.
But I believe it’s true –
National Peanut Festival-15
he was just as cold as we were!
And he couldn’t go home and enjoy a nice cup of green tea like we did!

We finally thawed out, and all in all, we’re glad we can check the National Peanut Festival off of our bucket list. 🙂
Suueeeey – that was fun!

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