Light at the end of the tunnel

We’re closing in this kitchen project thing-a-ma-jig that we’ve been working on since the middle of November! But since we won’t be quite ready to ring in the new year with The Big Reveal, I thought I’d share a selection of some other random shots that I’ve taken along the journey!
countertop Gary
We were pretty glad when the countertop arrived. It gave us a whole new flat surface to work from (and fill up with tools, paint brushes, etc.)
Getting the backsplash in was a HUGE boost to our kitchen remodeling spirits! Lara spent a lot of time looking for just the right backsplash, and she’s been really pleased with her selection.

One of the things that comes with kitchen construction is TRASH! A dumpster has found its home in the driveway for the last couple of weeks. And aside from the obvious eye-sore of a dumpster in the front yard, it’s been GREAT to have someplace for all the demolition debri and the amazing amount of trash that just seems to happen.
Between the cabinets and the flooring we had a ton of cardboard – and instead of piling it into the dumpster we were earth-friendly and took it to the recycling center. 🙂

paint choices
Lara finally decided on a lovely sage green for the walls and ceiling. One of the “design elements” she really struggled with was the wide ceiling trim that in the previous kitchen had been painted a soft yellow (the walls and ceiling were the same purple even though they look like a different color in this picture.)
Kitchen Before-4
She liked the accent color idea, but after trying four different colors, decided to stick with the nice crisp white on all the trim. Needless to say, we’ve been painting and painting and painting and painting.
neck pain
window askew
(ok, so Gary’s not painting. He’s working on an electrical issue in the corner.)
And some of the painting has been a little more challenging than others –
Mom on fridge
I’m happy to report that Katie (at barely 5ft. tall) took care of the second coat.
Katie painting
I think she’s a better fit!

Do you know how much paperwork is involved in getting a new kitchen? Rebates, tax credits, warranties, manuels, receipts, receipts and more receipts. Phew. Sure am glad I’m not the one trying to keep track of it all!

And then there’s the Zoo.
This is our most common view of Denali and Evie – waiting patiently to come back inside.
Dogs outside
But this is one of the reasons we like to keep them outside as much as possible –
Kitchen Re-do-5
Yeah, not always the most helpful!
And then there are the cats –
Clem computer
Clem – you need to look the other way if you want to check Facebook!
clems search
And just what are you searching forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
Since the floor is closed up (no more exploring under the house), and the cabinet doors are mostly closed, Bear has taken to slipping outside when he has the chance. This morning we realized he’d been outside all night (he’s an indoor cat, so that’s quite an adventure for him), and finally found him under the dumpster!
Bear outside
So much more exciting than that under the house stuff!Kitchen Remodel-1

Well, the youngun’s are all out at various New Year’s Eve parties, and Gary has been upstairs in bed for hours. So enough of this randomness! Here’s something concrete –
Happy New Year to all of you , my dear friends! God is Good – ALL the time! May you walk closely with Him this year!

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