Even before we got set up on Saturday, one of the other SOWERS (who had been at this project before) asked if anyone wanted to go kayaking. Kayaking???? On the Gulf of Mexico? Sure, that sounds like lots of fun!!! The day was perfect – sunny and calm, and the school has all the equipment, so we made plans to meet together after lunch and walk to the launch. Unfortunately, Gary had something called “chores and maintenance” to take care of, so he didn’t come, but I was excited to join the adventure. We grabbed the paddles and the lifejackets from storage and I followed the gang to the kayaks.
This should be fun!
What? Everyone else would be in a double kayak, and I (with all of my 3 hrs. of experience 6 years ago in an entirely different type of kayak) would be in a single? OooooKaaaayyyyyy.
So, you want me to get in there?
Hold it still. Please……..
OK, made it.
Now, where is it I’m supposed to go? Through these mangrove tunnels?
kayak tunnel
(sorry this is a pretty bad picture, but it’s really hard to use a camera and paddle a kayak. Where was my driver when I need him? Oh, right, back at the house doing important stuff. Sorry, honey, I shouldn’t be complaining.)
Eventually I caught up with the first kayak in a clearing before we moved out of the mangroves into the Gulf of Mexico –
My official “Steph in her Kayak” picture. Thanks, Marlene!
There it is – the Gulf of Mexico –
Wait for me – I’m coming…….
Such a beautiful excursion – even though I was quite the novice and spent a fair bit of time trying to catch up or getting pointed in the right direction!
Here we are headed back – and I’m just hoping someone remember what mangrove trees we came out of…

OK, so I’ll try it the other way…
(In my defense, after the adventure we talked with some of the folks from the school and they said they NEVER use the single kayaks – they sit too high and have no back support. All things I noticed, but was trying not to whine about!)
We did make it back through those amazing tunnels
and all of us decided that THIS was an excursion that needed to be repeated!

….now if I can just get my driver on board! 🙂

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