Taking the camera out for a walk

It’s turned pretty cool here in the Florida Keys. Tuesday was sunny and hot – high of 80 something. Wednesday it barely broke 60 and it was cloudy and drab. Thursday was still cool – low 60’s – but the sun came out and since it seemed a shame to waste such a beautiful afternoon, my new buddy Marlene and I decided to take our cameras for a walk.
We started at the resort that is just across the street. (They allow us to use some of their amenities – very nice!). Marlene and I didn’t get very far until we were totally intrigued by a banana palm.
Did you know about that cool banana blossom? I knew that bananas grew high up in palm trees, but I never knew about that impressive blossom. After a little Internet checking I discovered the blossoms are actually a delicacy in some cultures.
I knew for sure the bees thought it was a delicacy!
But soon the ocean drew us –
Camera walk-1
Camera walk-2
Camera walk-3
What a beautiful spot.
We enjoyed watching the pelicans out on the rocks –
Camera walk-4
Camera walk-5
Camera walk-6
(And we could just hear the locals -“come on, ladies. These are just PELICANS for goodness sake!!!)
I love being a tourist!
And while the beach was pretty deserted, there were some folks out on the water working on their kite surfing techniques. Plenty of breeze for that – and I guess the wet suits took care of the temperature! Brrrrr…
2011 01 13
I’m pretty sure that this is one activity that we won’t be getting up close and personal with.
We continued north over the bridge to the next key. While crossing the bridge, we noticed a pelican convention in the trees –
Camera walk-10
Camera walk-11
“Did you hear about those ladies over on the ocean side taking all those pictures? Such tourists!”

Camera walk-12
Ah, the risks we take in the quest for a good picture!

Across the bridge were more resorts and more fishing boats, and more beautiful pools-
Camera walk-14
Uh-oh – looks like someone besides the tourists found the pool too!
Camera walk-13

Everywhere we looked, there was more beauty –
Camera walk-16
Camera walk-17
It was a great walk! It was fun to get to know Marlene better, and as always, I love an opportunity to revel in the beauty of God’s creation.
Thanks for coming along!
Camera walk-8

PS – Guess what? There are a couple more pictures here, along with individual shots from the collages. Just in case you needed to see a couple more palm trees to cancel out all the snow that’s going on in your neighborhood! 🙂

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