Getting from there to here

On the road again
Sometimes we drive right from one SOWER project to another. Although, to be honest, I can’t remember the last time we actually did that. Since we had a full week to get from this parking spot –
islamorado parking-6
to this parking spot,
Florida Baptist Parking
we decided to take the long way around. The GPS wanted us to go this way –
ICS to FBE easy
But we had people to see, and things to do, so our trip route looked like this –
ICS to FBE actual
Want to come along?
Perhaps you already joined us for our excellent day in the Everglades
Everglade Airboat ride-9
It was a great way to start our journey to central Florida.
From the Everglades we trucked (well, RV’d I guess is a little more accurate) over to Ft. Myers for a weekend visit with some very dear friends that we hadn’t seen in 6 years. We hung out in their driveway until Monday, and truly enjoyed the visit. We checked out the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve (a first for them too!) and it was quite wonderful.
Six Mile Cypress-1
Six Mile Cypress-3
Six Mile Cypress-7
That’s Gary trying to point out a red-shouldered hawk that he saw land in a tree about “a hundred feet out, about thirty feet up”. We looked and we looked and we looked and finally we saw him –
Six Mile Cypress-8
Truly, if Gary hadn’t seen him fly in, we never would have spotted him!
The rest of the walk was filled with lots of swamp beauty
Six Mile Cypress-4
and lots of chances to spot wildlife –
Six Mile Cypress-10
It was a fun day, and a great visit. While we were in the Ft. Myers area we also got to see another dear friend from our previous life and Gary’s sister. We definitely need to see these people more than every six years!
From Ft. Myers we turned toward Central Florida for a reunion of the “Drive to Alaska” clan! It was the first time since our trip that we all three had been together so it was a very special time. As an added bonus there were some other SOWER friends in the area, so it a great couple of days.
An early morning shot of our parking lot reunion location –
Lake Aurora Reunion-1
A SOWER gathering wouldn’t be complete without a dinner out-
Lake Aurora Reunion-3
Five hungry SOWER ladies waiting for dinner!
Lake Aurora Reunion-2
Five hungry SOWER guys listening to John telling a story. 🙂
The three of us were parked right next to an Orange grove
Lake Aurora Reunion-5
and there were a couple of trees we were allowed to pick from. (Honest, we were!)
Thank you to John who orchestrated the gathering and located the friendly parking lot for us to stay in for a couple of days.
Well, that brings us to today –
Florida Traffic
Central Florida traffic and our February SOWER project in Groveland, FL.
Florida Baptist Parking

The slides are out, the levelers are down, and we’re hooked up to water and electric for the first time in a week. (Yay, no generator to make coffee in the morning!) It feels good to be settled in for a spell.

And the good news is that all those Value Added stops along the way only added 20 miles to the trip. Good thing we didn’t listen to that ol’ GPS!

PS – a couple more Six Mile Cypress Slough pictures here. Just so you know!

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