Soaking it in

Sorry it’s been pretty quiet here at RV There Yet. We’ve been at our family Cabin in Vermont, and we’ve been too busy just soaking it in. We were the first ones up this year – first ones to drive through the high grass to the front door…..
Cabin May 2011-20
First ones to see the pear trees in full bloom
Cabin May 2011-2
Cabin May 2011-8
First ones to use our rustic “bathroom facilities”. (OK, so it’s an outhouse, and trust me, it’s always better to be the first of the season than the last of the season.)
Cabin May 2011-7
First one to see how high the pond was
Cabin May 2011-1
and then to walk down and be the first one to take my “official” cabin picture –
Cabin May 2011-11
and then a couple more pond pictures-
Cabin May 2011-12
Cabin May 2011-13
We were the first to check out the wildflowers before the first mowing –
Cabin May 2011-14
Cabin May 2011-15
Cabin May 2011-16
Cabin May 2011-17
First ones to sit by the fire for that first cup of the day (or the last one at night) –
Cabin May 2011-9
First ones to hear our hummingbirds scolding us until we got the feeder filled!
Cabin May 2011-22
First ones to mow the grass.
Cabin May 2011-24
(That was a little tricky this year. But after a new tire, a new battery and a new blade bearing assembly (?), the riding mower is good to go. Of course, we ended up doing the first mowing with the push mowers, and were reminded again that we aren’t as young as we used to be! So thankful my man was here to solve all those problems!)
Cabin May 2011-26
But I still managed to find a couple of buttercups that had escaped the blade!
Cabin May 2011-21
And we were the first to sit on the back porch and enjoy the evening sky –
Cabin May 2011-6
Cabin May 2011-4
Cabin May 2011-29
Being the “First up” has been great! We’ve been soaking in all that is The Cabin. The peace, the quiet, the naps and the chores. And have been blessed by all of it!
If you’d like to see more pictures from this last week – Here you go!
And if you’d like to read a little about the history this family treasure, check out this post.

Tomorrow we head to Pilgrim Pines Conference Center in Swanzey, NH, for our June SOWER project. But I’ll be back at the cabin next weekend for Girls’ Week. Ah…….

2 thoughts on “Soaking it in”

  1. What kind of wild berry plants are those with the white flowers with 5 petals? You take amazing wildflower pictures. And I love how you caught the reflection of the cabin in the pond.

    That cabin is a treasure, that’s for sure.

  2. I’m pretty sure that is a wild strawberry. We’re rarely there for the harvest (July), but I remember their sweet goodness (though tiny size) as a youngun’. There were lots this year – so someone should have a bounty!

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