A Sibling Saturday

Saturday we took one last (well, until the end of August) drive up to Bradford, VT, for a day at the Cabin with ALL of my siblings and their spouses! What a treat! We left early Saturday so we could stop at the Fairlee Diner in (you guessed it) Fairlee, VT (about 8 miles south of Bradford).
Fairlee Diner-1
Although this lacks the classic “Diner Car” look on the outside, it is Diner All The Way on the inside-
Fairlee Diner-2
(That’s real Vermont Maple Syrup in that little container 🙂 )
Breakfast was a real treat – blueberry pancakes for Gary and a wonderful cheddar/spinach omelet for me. Yum. Yum. Yum.
Fairlee Diner-3
We were set until dinner!
I couldn’t resist just one shot of the row of counter-sitters – This was one hoppin’ place on a Saturday morning!
Fairlee Diner-4
But, of course, the main event of the day was not Breakfast, it was an afternoon with my siblings and their spouses. Although the four of us siblings have been pretty regular in getting together each year (it’s pretty easy during Girls’ Week since Dewey lives about an hour away and we get together to talk over any “Cabin business”), to have us all there with our husbands and wife is a whole other story. I can’t tell you we accomplished great things or solved any of the world’s problems, but we did spend lots of time catching up with each other, comparing memories (it’s really amazing how the same event is remembered differently by each of us!), and looking forward to what is ahead for each of our families. We shared a delicious meal, enjoyed some late afternoon sunshine (after 3 days of rain so that was real treat), and thoroughly enjoyed each other! Here we are –
Not a bad looking group for a bunch of “Seniors”, if I don’t say so myself!
We have been so blessed to have this cabin property in our family (thanks to my grandparents!) –
but oh, even that blessing pales in comparison to the blessing of being part of this family!
Love. You. Guys.

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