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Here we are, sitting in the parking lot of the Wal*Mart in Presque Isle, Maine, getting ready to head into our July project at Baptist Park Camp tomorrow, and I’m realizing I haven’t even shared about our great time at Pilgrim Pines Conference Center. Plus we made a couple of fun stops along the way here to Northern Maine (Aroostook County – the largest county east of the Mississippi – about the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined) that I wanted to share so……..
Pilgrim Pines Conference Center
What a blessing it was to work at this camp! First of all we made some great new SOWER friends – John and Joyce M.. Joyce is a professional quilter, so we needless to say, we hit it off right away! Secondly, the work was interesting and diverse – always a good thing! Gary and John stayed busy doing a variety of jobs, from installing lattice around some cabins to building some great new (and very needed) steps to assembling bunkbeds for the living quarters under the new dining hall in the lower part of the camp. (There are actually two camps at Pilgrim Pines. Camp Squanto is their youth camp and until the new dining hall was built, it was a summer only facility.
With the addition of this great new building they now can use that part of the camp all year! The other part of the camp is the Family Camp area – which includes the Mayflower Lodge
several lakeside cottages along with some condo-type housing and several other hillside cottages.)
Joyce and I did a little bit of light housekeeping, peeled some carrots and cut some lettuce, and helped out in the office. But we finished off the project with a whole lot of shredding!
Certainly well within my “skill set”!
The staff was delightful, and while their official summer camp season starts this coming weekend, we did get to see the summer staff arrive and begin their training.
It looked to me like they were all in for a great summer!
Pilgrim Pines also hosts several Road Scholar (Elderhostle) programs during their non-camping season. Those looked very interesting – I might have to do a little more research in that!
Great project, great friends, great blessings! And if you’d like to see some more pictures, HERE you go!
(Of course, another wonderful part of this project was that it was only 2 hrs. from our cabin in Vermont. But if you’ve been stopping by here lately, I think you probably figured that out!!)
We left Pilgrim Pines on Monday and had a nice leisurely drive across New Hampshire and then into Maine.
And since we have some SOWER friends that are also “Maine-iacs” :), we were able to stop and see them along the way. First up were Nancy and Harley, who are parked at their son’s home not too far into the state. The camera never made it out, but we had a delightful visit – meeting some of their family, hearing what all they’ve been up to since we’d seen them last, and enjoying a great seafood dinner at their favorite local restaurant. Yum! We left their driveway Tuesday morning, and started the northward trek.
I guess you know it’s pretty hard to go Maine and NOT stop at LL Bean in Freeport, right?
Freeport is a fun little town (especially if you’re into shopping), but we found other things that were camera worthy (well, at least cell phone camera!) – like these beautiful mountain laurel.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen ones quite that color before!
(Guess what – there are more Freeport pictures HERE – but not too many, honest!)
Ok, from Freeport it was on to our next Sower Stop – Mary and Roy W., just outside of the little town of Clinton, right off of 95. Again, it was a sweet time of fellowship and catching up (we hadn’t seen these folks in a couple of years!). We chatted while we watched the birds at the bird feeder
Welsh Visit-4
and ended the day with a stroll over to their daughter’s house to see her beautiful gardens –
Welsh Visit-6
Welsh Visit-9
(even the cat likes these gardens!).
It was a pretty quick visit, but we’re so glad we stopped! (And if you’d like to see some more bird and garden pictures – HERE you go!)

So that pretty much brings us up to today.
It was nice to break up the drive with visits with friends (and a couple fun stores to boot!), and we’re thankful to have safely arrived in this little corner of Maine. We hit some drizzly rain as we drove north, but it wasn’t until we stopped that the heavens really opened up with heavy heavy rain for a couple of hours. We were VERY thankful that we were sitting still!

Tomorrow will bring a new adventure – the start of another project. Our co-workers this month have been delayed, so we’ll be by ourselves for the first week. But not to worry, I’m sure we’ll be kept busy! And with the holiday weekend, I’m trust there will be some Independence Day activities we can enjoy. Have a nice long weekend, everyone! Happy Birthday, America!

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