Let’s start at the very beginning……

New Brunswick.

Maine’s closest Canadian neighbor.  And quite a beautiful one at that!
Our destination for the day was the home of SOWER friends, Arch and Marg, who live near Hampton, NB.
New Brunswick
(Sorry for the scratchy writing. Have you ever tried to write with your mouse? If you’d like to see the actual Google map of the area, here’s a link for that – it might be easier than trying to figure out what I’m trying to make note of on this!)
But I digress.

It was a lovely drive getting there and we even managed a quick stop (and walk around town) in Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital city.
New Brunswick 7.23.11-10
New Brunswick 7.23.11-13
As is the case everywhere, it seems, there is ALWAYS construction to contend with –
New Brunswick 7.23.11-14
Ah, sweet memories of Alaska!

Arch and Marg live right on beautiful Belleisle Bay, and getting there necessitated taking a rather small (though thankfully free) ferry. Gulp.
Guess we’ll wait patiently for the next one. Who’s in a hurry, anyway?
Our turn – at least we got on first as opposed to finding a spot between the rest of the vehicles!

We wound our way along the bay and arrived in time for a lovely dinner, some R&R on the deck
Cooks veranda-1
and beautiful sunset.

A wonderful finish to the first day of our Maritime Adventure!

Do you have time for the second day?
OK –
We started off with worship at a sweet little church right around the corner from our friends’ house –
and then proceeded to have our own tour of St. John and especially the famous Reversing Rapids – where the St. John River actually changes direction twice a day!
Reversing Falls-3
Reversing Falls-1
Aside from viewing the rapids/falls (which unfortunately were not at their most dramatic stage, I’m afraid!), we could have taken a jet boat ride
Reversing Falls-5
or even done a five level zipline.
Reversing Falls-6
But can you guess what we did?
Reversing Falls-9
Yeah, we watched! 🙂
There were beautiful wildflowers all along the observation area
Reversing Falls-11
and you know I couldn’t resist a couple of close-ups!
Reversing Falls-7
Reversing Falls-8
Reversing Falls-12
After a little more sightseeing in the downtown and a little more after-dinner lounging on the deck
Cooks veranda-2
we girls walked down to the waterfront-
and enjoyed sweet fellowship (and I got to play with the camera) while we waited for another beautiful sunset!
Oh, right – the sunset…..

Enough for tonight. Next post will be about our continued drive up the coast of New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.
But before I go – just to give you a taste of how beautiful that day is going to be, here is the view from the deck that morning –
Stay tuned, more beautiful New Brunswick coming soon!

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