Odds and Ends

Are you tired of PEI yet? I’m not!
Since we were only there three days, I know we barely scratched the surface of this “gentle island”, but I thought I’d share some random shots taken during our drives around the island.
We did not have the most beautiful weather, but somehow the beauty of the island continued to shine through.
PEI Wednesday-1
PEI Wednesday-2
Whether we were driving through the interior
PEI - 7.28.11-5
with its patchwork fields
PEI - 7.28.11-3
or skimming along the coast
PEI Wednesday-11
finding colorful villages dotting the shore
PEI - 7.28.11-14
we were never disappointed with the beauty that is Prince Edward Island.
PEI - 7.28.11-59
We located the largest tree on the island
PEI - 7.28.11-38
(not that it was missing, mind you!)
and were delighted to find that the fireweed we fell in love with in Alaska was at home here in PEI too!
PEI Wednesday-5
There were walks on the beach
and we even managed to get our picture taken at the last lighthouse we visited!
Our evenings were pretty quiet (after all, we were having an Anne of Green Gables movie-a-thon), but Wednesday evening we ventured out to the Brackley Beach Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee for those of you non-Gaelic types). Our New Brunswick friends had heartily recommend this evening of live entertainment with a very talented fiddler, Cynthia MacLeod and singer/songwriter Jon Matthews (with a couple of other “friends” thrown in a couple of times!).
It was OUTSTANDING!!! The energy up on that stage was incredible!
If you have a minute – here is just a brief part of their performance –

Probably the best $10.00 we’ve spent in a long time!

Uh-oh – I just found some more pictures…….

Stay tuned…..

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