A little glitch

So the last several days have been pretty full. We got Lizzie all settled in at Jake & Lisa’s house, we thoroughly enjoyed the wedding of a young man I used to drive to pre-school, and we had a lovely, though short, afternoon with my nephew and his family and my sister and hubby. Then we had a safe drive down to Lancaster where I’ve spent the last couple of days holding this little fellow –
Weston August

All in all, good days. There was one teeny tiny glitch, however. When we went to start up my computer on Saturday we were greeted with three loud beeps and a black screen. It’s possible it just needs a new video card. But it may also be more expensive to fix than it’s worth. I left it in Vermont with a tech guy, and I should know in a day or so if I should be shopping for a new ‘puter or just waiting until I return on Sunday to be reunited. Right now I’m using Gary’s good old faithful Dell, so all is not lost (and I do have a good back-up if the old girl is dead), but don’t count on hearing too much from me until next week. I’ll be relishing the time spent with family, snapping away with the camera, and I’m sure I’ll have lots to share once I get my technology back in order!

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