A bit of randomness

Really. Has it been a week since I’ve updated this little journal of mine? Not quite, you say? Hmmmm…. It seems that sitting in three days of board meetings is much more mentally draining than you might think! The last week was largely spent either in meetings, thinking about meetings, eating with fellow board members where we TRIED not to talk about the meetings, or falling exhausted into bed amazed at how tired you can get sitting in a nice comfortable chair for hours on end. (Ok, so there might have been a trip to the DQ in there somewhere. Maybe.)
BoardMeeting work
But I must tell you – it was a GOOD meeting. I really feel that the current board is exceptional in their dedication to the ministry, their willingness to serve, and their clarity of thought. And the office staff (who does a great job of actually implementing the decisions made by the Board) is also exceptional. We might not all agree on all the finer points of how things should work, but we are all on the same page when it comes to the integrity of the ministry and the desire to do it all to the glory of God.
Board Meeting
I am honored to serve with these folks!

But since this post is about randomness –
How about those new tires?
Old Tires –
New Tires –
Thankfully those OLD tires never looked like this one –
NOT us
Phew – I think we were closer than we realized!
Here’s the house looking a little toothless –
And here’s a shot from our tire day that I’m sharing just because it reminded me of the movie “Cars”.
(We’re being random, right?)
After the new tires came the alignment.
Do you know that in order to align the front tires of an RV it has to be driven over a pit on two little tiny platforms?
Ok, so they aren’t actually “tiny”, but even the experienced mechanic took it pretty slow. Gulp.
Wanna see the underside of our house?
See those pretty new tires? 🙂 (Any questions about what anything IS under there should be directed to Gary!)
We had one more maintenance stop to make before we reached Texas, and that was at the ArTex Truck Center in Texarkana,AR (which is right next door to Texarkana, TX – go figure.) They checked a couple of items for us, and Gary watched while they did some maintenance (so next time HE can do it).  I really felt like Lizzie (the house) was out playing with the big kids.
Playing with the big boys
All in all I think we’re about done with our heavy-duty maintenance schedule for a while. But, the ol’ girl is 8 years old, has traveled 60,000+ miles, and has been used full-time for seven of those years so we are beginning to see some good old fashioned wear and tear. But we still love her!

Ok – one more bit of random goodness –
Weston 10 weeks
Little Weston at 10 weeks! Be still my heart!

And in real time…..
This afternoon we head to Waco to spend a long weekend with Lara and the folks/critters at the Parrott Ave Zoo! 🙂 🙂 🙂
See ya next week!

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