Making the most of the memories…

In the seven plus years we’ve been on the road, I’ve done my best to document our comings and goings. For starters, from the very beginning, I’ve kept this on-line journal. Sometimes it’s been a daily journal, sometimes it’s been weekly, sometimes (cough) a little longer. I truly appreciate every one of you who have checked up on me right from the beginning and those of you who have joined the journey through the beauty of a GOOGLE search. While I write these journal entries for you, I also write them for me! I need all the help I can get in remembering where I was when and what we did there. I love checking out the archive to see where we’ve been and enjoying all over again what we’ve been doing during this adventure.
But sometimes I need some hard copy. You know, something to hold in my hands. Something to look at with a friend. Or with Gary – “Remember when we were there?” And that’s why over the year I’ve tried s to condense the thousands of pictures I’ve taken each year into a picture book. If you’ve been here a while, you know that I take A LOT of pictures (my theory is that if I take a lot, a couple will be worth keeping!). So it hasn’t been easy, but over the years I’ve put together a book for each year, with a couple of bonus books for extra-special events.

Picture Books
As you can see, the Alaska adventure took THREE books – the drive to Alaska, our Alaskan Summer, and the drive back to the lower 48. And then there was the 2010 Rock Tour. Oh, the memories!
But just yesterday FedEx delivered my Year Seven Book and the stand alone book for the last week of our year – Our Atlantic Maritime Vacation.
Year Seven
Atlantic Maritimes.
Year Seven was pretty special to us. We did a fair bit of traveling and saw some beautiful parts of this country and Canada, but the BEST part of the year was seeing so much of our family and reconnecting with friends, old and new, over the course of the year. We welcomed two grandsons to the family, had some great Cabin and sibling time, and were even able to connect with friends we hadn’t seen in over 30 years. Truly a blessed year!
Picture Books1

A little on the nuts and bolts of Photo Book Making…..
Making these books has been great fun through the years. While I love the idea of scrap booking, the finished product (not to mention the time and supplies) has seemed to be a little too cumbersome for our little house. I don’t have whole lot of library space!
As you can see by my library, I haven’t been particularly consistent with my book format. Pretty much I’ve used whatever Photo Book webpage has the best sale. I’ve used Shutterfly, Snapfish, Costco, A&I Books and Picaboo (those last two I purchased Groupons for, saving me a bundle and allowing me to make slightly longer, better quality books). I liked all the different services – they all had good options for templates and great service, but I must say that A&I Books and Picaboo had the most flexibility in page set-up. But then again they were a little pricier.
I’ve also made smaller photobooks to document other special events – special time spent with kids and grandkids and even a mini-wedding album of my very own from our son’s wedding!
Extra books

Got Pictures? Make a book! You won’t be sorry!

Oh, I almost forgot. If you’d like to see Year Seven on-line, this link should take you to a share site.  If you’d like to see the Atlantic Maritimes book – it should be HERE!

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