The reason why it’s been so quiet here….

…is because it’s been so quiet here.

The last several weeks our lives have looked surprising like our “old life” used to look.  Gary’s been getting up, going to work, and a little bit later, I’ve been heading to the office!  But don’t be alarmed – it just looks like our “old life”.  We’re still parked in Lindale, TX behind the SOWER office where I needed to be for the Trustee Meeting at the end of September.
sower parking
Since I was elected as Vice President (gulp) I knew I needed a little extra time to get up to speed on that position (the VP is in charge of “Project Relations”).  Add that to the need to wrap up the loose ends of the Board meeting with my fellow Board member, Nancy (who was elected president! 🙂 ) and it only made sense that we stay put for the month of October. But that did leave Gary out there with nothing to do. So, he signed up at a SOWER project nearby, and drove off every morning to Calvary Commission to work his SOWER magic! I would enjoy a nice quiet morning at the house and then head over to the office in the afternoons to get to work. I got to do some fun stuff (well, fun to me anyway) like updating the brochure and designing new business cards, and was able to familiarize myself with my new position. So as you can see – it’s been a lot like that ‘previous lifetime’ of ours!
But as is often the case in this current life of ours, things are about to change. 🙂
Tomorrow we’ll be packing up and heading to Waco, TX for our week “off”. The “off” part is kind of a joke, though, since Gary is already thinking about what house project he’s going to tackle at Lara’s house. If the weather stays cool, I might try to tackle some yard work – mostly cutting back all the vegetation that didn’t make it through the 63 days of temperatures over 100 this past summer (43 of them in a row). I don’t think we’ll spend many days at the campground where we’ll be parked, but it will be nice to be able to be in our own place. This is a picture of our view last time we were at the campground –
After those 63 100 degree days, and no rain to speak of for months, I’m thinking it might not be quite so picturesque this year! :/

OK – since it’s been so quiet, and let’s face it – looking at parking spots is not all that interesting, how about if I share a couple of family pictures? You’d like that, right?  Here’s Weston – he just turned three months!


Sigh. I just love the instant gratification of cell phone pictures! They might not be the sharpest focus, but it does this far-away-grandma’s heart good!
And this girl and her puppy …..
…we’ll see tomorrow!
Goodness all around!

Later ‘Gator

One thought on “The reason why it’s been so quiet here….”

  1. Wow- Mrs. Vice President!!!! Are you president next year??
    Can’t believe this time has flown by to so many years on the road. Thought you were going to do this for a year!! Have enjoyed this blog so much and have read every entry. Seems like I have traveled right along with you. Continue to have a great adventure.

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