Anatomy of a family picture

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I hope so! Ours was wonderful :). Our grand girls (ages 4,7 & 8.75) are getting so grown up!
We enjoyed every minute of our time with them.
But this year, I must confess, the two little boys, Noah (15 months) and Weston (4 months) certainly stole the show! Or, if not the show, certainly the camera! Noah was totally enamored with little Weston, and was right at his side at most every opportunity.
Noah and Weston T-giving 2011
Noah seemed to instinctively know that he and Weston needed to stick together with all those girls around!
And of course, we did have Denali around to further add to the fun!

I did not have the camera out too much (well, except for excessive pictures of the little boys), but I made sure that I got a family picture. There really aren’t THAT many of us – only twelve – but trying to find a time that both little ones were awake, and the girls were in the house and all adults were accounted for took a little doing. I finally just started directing people to the sofa.

Family Picture-1 It’s a start – Abigail, Weston and Hayley

Family Picture-2 Good, there’s Ellie joining the group.

Family Picture-3 Yes! Papa Josiah is in his rightful place.

Family Picture-4 Yea!!! Aunt Lara has arrived!

Family Picture-5 OK, there’s Pops and I’m convincing Noah that he wants to join the crowd….

Family Picture-6We’re getting close – up to 10!

Family Picture-7 At last – we’ve all made the picture! And it turned out pretty well, I think!

Family Picture-8
I sure do love these guys!

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