And a little more rock and roll

Texas weather is….well, crazy! After a record hot summer (Waco, where daughter Lara lives, had 90 days over 100 – and that wasn’t even the record for the state!), you’d think maybe winter would calm down a bit. Well, this past month as we’ve been at Camp Tejas in Giddings, TX (about 60 miles east of Austin) we’ve had days in the 40’s, nights in the 20’s and then days in the 80’s. It’s been a total roller coaster of a month. Sunshine and Rain. Layers of coats and shorts. Heavy frost and balmy mornings. Crazy really.
But early this morning wins the award for the craziest (and maybe the scariest of them all). After a night of heavy rain, the howling wind woke us up around 5AM. And when you live in a tin can on wheels you REALLY REALLY REALLY feel the wind. And then there was the rain that felt like it was coming in diagonal sheets, battering against the sides of our tin can. We held on tight, and kept listening for the camp to sound any tornado warnings. We lost power around 6AM as the weather continued to rage around us. Finally, around 9 the rain stopped and folks began venturing out of their rigs to assess any damage. Fortunately, all the trees around us held their ground, and all their branches. And while the rest of the camp had many limbs and at least one big tree (falling on the wires – hence the no power)on the ground
I do not believe that any of the buildings were damaged or any of the folks at camp injured. After watching the news at noon (power was back on by 11AM), we learned that we had been the fortunate ones indeed. We got about 3 inches of rain overnight. Fifty miles to the SW – almost 9 inches! Tornadoes were reported thirty miles south of us. When we saw the flooding and damage that had happened so close, we knew that a little rockin’ and rollin in the house (ok, and some wet carpet by the slide) was NOTHING.  Thank-you, Lord, for sparing us (and our RV neighbors and camp hosts) any significant damage – and be with those families who’s homes and livelihoods have been dramatically altered due to last nights storms.


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