Along the way

This time the drive between projects was only about 160 miles.  Easily done in a day. But why take a day, we say, when you can just as easily take two – and see some fun stuff along the way.
We pulled out of Camp Tejas on Thursday morning – a very misty Thursday morning at that!
Hey, wait for me!!!!
He did.
By the time we reached our first stop, the mist was beginning to clear.
Nothing like a brewery tour to start your day! Wink.
We actually had to wait until 11AM for the tour of the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, TX – home to one of Texas’s favorite beers – Shinerbock.
No cameras allowed on the tour (free and very interesting), but here’s a shot of just some of the copper involved in brewing this beer .
Oh, the shine of it all!
After our tour, and a bit of lunch, it was back on the road.
(Take note of the hills – they will soon be gone!)
We spent a quiet night at the Walmart in Port Lavaca
and come morning, we were back on the road for the final leg of the trip.
Here’s the Lavaca Bay in the early morning light –
Hello Boat!
And as the road stretched out in long strips of ribbon
(Good-bye, hills)
We were delighted to spot these big guys mingling with the cattle –
Love those Sandhill Cranes!
We made it without incident to our project – Texas Baptist Encampment, aka Palacios by the Sea. Here is our new view –
New View
Pretty sweet, eh? That’s the Palacios Bay out there, which empties into the Matagorda Bay which empties into the Gulf of Mexico. (Check it out on a map HERE!)
Each project has its own “flavor” and since we’ve just been here a little more than a day, I’m not sure just what that flavor will be. But I know it will be different from our last couple of projects – beginning with our neighbors. November and December our neighbors looked like this –
As in, we had none.
January they looked like this –
Camp Tejas-9
As in, fair size group – a nice mix of SOWERs and other volunteers.
And this month, they look like this –
As in – Baby, we got us some Community going on!
All in all, a great start to what I’m sure will be a great month!

Later ‘Gator!

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