Another rainy Saturday

But let’s face it – it was JUST a rainy Saturday. No devastating weather – like tornadoes- made it to our little corner of Alabama, and for that we are very thankful. Very thankful.
So today we just did the bare minimum of exploring our new surroundings. You know, scoping out the Home Depot, Lowes, and Wal*Mart, picking up some groceries, and locating the highly recommended seafood place down on the waterfront.
Fresh seafood
(and it was delicious!)
We arrived here at Camp Baldwin, in Elberta, Alabama yesterday morning after a two day drive up from Palacios, TX. It was a pretty direct, almost all interstate drive, but it did have a couple of points of interest along the way. And most of them had to do with water. Lots and lots of water.
Like the 18 mile Atchafalaya Basin Bridge that went on and on….
With the early morning mist, it definitely had and eerie look.
We crossed the Mighty Mississippi =
and any number of other rivers/swamps/bogs that I forgot to document….
Pretty sure this is the Pascagoula River since I managed to catch the sign this time!
There was the tunnel UNDER the water in Mobile
which opened up to the Mobile Bay –
and the battleship Alabama –
A good part of this bridge was wiped out during Hurricane Katrina, but all is good these days.

We are always thankful for a safe arrival, and coming in safely to Camp Baldwin was no exception. The camp is located right on Wolf Bay,
CampBaldwin Map
but they also have a sweet little lake and that’s where we’re parked!
View for March 2012
I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this view!

One thought on “Another rainy Saturday”

  1. What a cool place to hangout. We were in Summerdale for a couple of nights as we trekked across the country to North Carolina. Be sure to explore Fairhope. We did not have time to to do that but were told there are lots to do there. My recommended eating places in the area include Panini Pete’s in the French Quarter district in Fairhope. Also Big Daddy’s Grill and Pop’s Pizza are great food places. Foley Coffee Shop in Foley and Mom & Pop’s in Silverhill have great breakfasts.

    Praying that you and Greg enjoy the work and will be kept safe from work injuries.

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