St Patty’s Day

So – did you have a fun St. Patrick’s Day? We actually did nothing, absolutely nothing, that had anything to do with the “holiday”. We failed to wear green, stayed out of the pubs, and didn’t consume anything green. But we did have a pretty great day!
Our destination for the day – Pensacola and the National Naval Aviation Museum.
Oh, my – what an wonderful museum!
And I’m not really “into” airplanes!
We were able to join a guided walk-around tour (given by a retired military pilot who was great!) and even though it took a little extra time, it was well worth it!
They started at the very beginning (of military flight, not the Wright Brothers)
and took us right to today’s fighter jets
and even the Blue Angels!
(The Pensacola Naval Air Station is home to the Blue Angels and this week they are having a free demonstration/practice session. Unfortunately, we just could not work it into our schedule. Rats.) But we thoroughly enjoyed our walk through the history of Naval Aviation!
(this was the type of plane that shot down the Red Baron in WWI, and Snoopy was just a little bit of whimsy – do you remember the 1966 song Snoopy vs the Red Baron? Here it is on YouTube if you’d like a little flashback!)
OK – is that enough of the airplanes? EXCELLENT museum and here’s a real bonus – it’s FREE!
We also made a quick stop at the Pensacola Lighthouse –
and soberly drove through part of the Barrancas National Cemetery.
We thoroughly enjoyed our brief foray into Pensacola (need I mention we also checked out a Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart and Sonic?) – it was a lovely day all around!

Tomorrow we start our last week here at Camp Baldwin, so I really need to get going on my “wrapping it up” post about the project! But in the meanwhile, if you’d like to see a couple more Pensacola pictures (mostly from the museum), check them out here.
Hope you had a lovely weekend, :), and I’ll leave you with this sunset from this evening.

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