First the fun stuff!

Our week between SOWER projects (you know, the take-it-easy rest-up before your next project week) has been full, full, full! So full, in fact, that it spilled into the next week! Of course, the renovation at Josiah’s house was the primary focus of our week “off”, but before I get into the “reno saga”, let me share some of the fun stuff that we enjoyed!
First and foremost –
We hadn’t seen the little guy since Thanksgiving and we were delighted to get reacquainted! Although Gary was stuck back in Lancaster with the renovation, I was able to spend a lovely day in Philadelphia with Weston and his Momma, Abigail (who were staying far, far away from the construction dirt!). What a delight!
First of all – he’s crawling!
Check out the teeth!
It was a very special day, filled with grins and giggles and hugs and kisses!
(Love this one of Weston and Abigail!)
Of course, while I was in the Philadelphia area I also enjoyed a great dinner with my quilting ladies (so good to see them – but sadly, no pictures!), a fun lunch with my co-workers, a long over-due hair-cut, and a great morning checking out the sale racks at Kohl’s and Marshall’s with my good buddy Janet. It was a wonderful couple of days away from the rubble!
Another highlight of our week in Lancaster was being able to worship with and visit with our dear friend Bill, who lost his beautiful wife (and our beautiful friend) just two months ago. Sunday was Dolly’s birthday, and we were honored to spend it with Bill.
This beautiful overlook was just outside of Harper’s Ferry, WV and it’s where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers come together.
It was a very beautiful and special day all around!

So this morning we pulled out of our neighborhood parking spot (thanks again, Martha and Greg, for your “ministry of the flat driveway” 🙂 )
and we have arrived safely at our April-May-June SOWER project at Montrose Bible Conference.
We’re the first ones in the campground this season (they were just turning on the water when we arrived!), but I know the neighborhood will fill up as the weather warms up. We’re looking forward to a great spring and early summer as we serve here!

Oh, the renovation? Next post, I promise!

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