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One of the best parts of being at Montrose this summer is that we are not too far away from lots of folks that we love. We figure anything under 400 miles is “not too far away”. 🙂 And one of the trips I know we’ll make several times is back to Lancaster, where the renovations on Pine Street continue. Indeed, that’s where we were on Friday and Saturday this week.
As usual (with old house renovations at least) the unfortunate “twice as long-twice as much” adage has reared its ugly head. The boys this weekend were starting on the built-ins around the front double window.
Finished 2
Although they have an inspiration photo, it’s pretty much a design as you go type of project. Not just to see how it’s all going to come together, but also to keep the drain on the budget a little less.
This weekend’s goal – getting the lower bench area built, and figuring out just what the storage under it would look like.
and finally – rough though it is –
The bench. Opening in center will be a large toy drawer, on both sides of that basket storage, closed storage next to those. Got it? Going up the walls will be shelving – probably corner cupboards (right side will accommodate the TV) or maybe straight. By getting the bench done and marking out their different choices, I think they’ll come up with a great final design. Everything in due time! I think our next trip will be to work on the baseboard and window trim. Won’t be too soon, though. Gotta let the budget recover from THIS trip!
But while the boys were busy working, we girls were tasked with keeping out of their way. Ah, sounds like a good excuse to head to Central Market –
There is so much to see and buy there – it’s truly a delight!
Central Market
We concentrated mostly on veggies, but my goodness what a wonderful market! I highly recommend it to anyone heading to Lancaster, PA!
And of course, the rest of the time was mostly spent just hanging out with our little Weston.
I don’t want to say he’s the best part about coming to Lancaster, but, well, yes, he’s pretty much the best part! At nine months, he’s interested in everything around him, waving at all his new friends, and is just plain a love all around! Such a fun age!!!!
Weston April 2012
I confess I’m pretty frustrated with my lack of ability in taking pictures of my grandbabies. Let’s face it, they just move too fast! Here’s one of Gary with Weston that turned out OK –
But trust me, the face he was making seconds earlier was cuter! Oh well, I’ll just keep clicking away! Practice, practice, practice! And I’m happy to do it!

Next up – Progress in the attic!
Have a great week, friends!

2 thoughts on “Back to Lancaster”

  1. Hello guys! It was fun looking up your progress. Looks like you have been very busy. What fun for you to be with the kids and grands!!!! We love spending time with ours too. Gord is doing good and they even have some business coming in. The Lord is so good. Amen? Hope everything is going good with you. I sent you an e-mail awhile back but have not heard from you??? If you ever get anywhere near here we would love to try to connect with you, Miss you! All of our kids are doing good and also the grandkids. We are looking forward to doing some camping again this summer. Well, that is about it. Thanks for sharing your goings on with all of us. Blessings to you and God Bless.
    Take care, The Rosenbergs

  2. What wonderful memories your are building. I too had difficult taking good photos of our grandkids. A professional photographer told me, I had a better chance than the pros because pros have limited time. She told me don’t wait for the pose. Just take lots of photos. In the digital world, it is easy to toss those that did not work. I remember one day as my eldest daughter was headed back home. AS she was loading the car, I took about 50 or more photos of my youngest grandson while he was patiently waiting for mommy to load him in the car seat. Out of those 50, I caught a gem. It is posted in the header of my daughter’s blog
    Thanks for sharing you family with us. In the meanwhile, take lots of photos.

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