First Up

Spring at the Cabin

The grass is high with tiny wild flowers sprinkled throughout.
The pear trees are in bloom
and the Cabin Bunny is peeking past the dandelions.
The cattails haven’t taken over the far side of the pond yet
and the view up to the cabin is unobstructed by the summer foliage.
A walk to the well brings a whole new view of the cabin
hidden by the trees later in the season,
and a small stream trickles by on its way to the pond.

And Gary is on the mower.
Spring at the Cabin.

4 thoughts on “First Up”

  1. Those lovely unidentified yellow flowers down by the pond are Marsh Marigolds. Especially lovely at this time of year. And I love the tiny delicate bluets in the top picture – one of my favorites.
    Looks like your time there was wonderful.

  2. Thanks for identifying those flowers! By the time I return for Girls’ Week, the pond-side iris should be in bloom! We did have a wonderful time (of course), but it was grand to join you for dinner on Thursday. So fun!

  3. Jerry, we are incredibly blessed to have this jewel in our family! This summer we celebrate its 75th anniversary, and are pleased to see the next generation taking a strong interest in keeping it in the family!

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