I bet you’ve been wondering how the big A/C installation is going.  Right?

I’m certainly not the expert in this, but it seems to me that things are moving along at a great pace. We’re trying to get all the attic work done before attic work becomes unbearable (and it’s in the 80’s today, so those days are closer than we’d like!)
So – Early this week we finished up the duct work runs, connected everything to the indoor blower/evap units, secured everything to the platform and made sure that all the supply and return vents were in place.
Duct Run
Next up was running the electric and refrigeration lines. Gary got the electric circuit breaker panel installed and ran the wires to the outside of the building.
But that led to a small problem.
Those wires were really, really high.
But of course, Gary has always been a man with a solution –
And let me tell you, he’s been itching to give one of those Man-Lifts a try for a long time! 🙂
(Did you know that ANYONE can rent one of these babies?
I can’t even decipher the control panel! Way too many arrows on that thing!)
Getting the wires into conduit was pretty simple, but getting the already put together copper pipe was a bit trickier….
Kind of like threading a needle!
But, true to form, he got them all through the correct holes, and neatly attached to the building.
And then, his trusty helper got to give that ol’ man-lift a try!
(I did take a video of the first lift, but (thankfully) it’s a real snoozer of a video!)
Next up was running the refrigeration lines on the inside. This, of course, required training me to do a new job – preparing the copper piping for soldering. Yes, I now know how to de-burr, ream, and clean copper pipe and fittings.
My new friends.
All shiny and ready for the guy with the REAL tools!
Safety note –
Better safe than sorry.
So, by the end of weekend, all the suction lines (that’s the fat copper tubing) were run from the 5 units to the pipes we (ha! – using that term loosely)had brought up with the lift. Soldered and insulated and ready to go. Next up (in the piping department) is running the liquid line (that’s the skinny copper tubing) that also needs to run from the inside unit to those pipes (which will, of course, eventually be attached to the outside condensing units). Got it?

We’re excited that a good friend of ours is arriving today to help Gary & I this week with our next big step. We’ll be (again I’m using that “we” word – don’t you love it!) making two holes in each of the rooms for the supplies and returns and actually connecting the duct work to the rooms. This would probably be a fairly direct event except for all that loose insulation in the attic (that we would prefer to stay in the attic as opposed to falling in the rooms)
and the fact that the ceilings are not wood or plaster or even drywall. They are cement board. And cutting through it is kind of like cutting through, well, cement. Could be a challenge, but I bet Gary is up to it!
Should be a good week! And thankfully the temps should be falling back into the high sixties and low seventies with some showers on the horizon. Perfect weather for working in an attic!

3 thoughts on “Progress”

  1. Steph, you keep up this training program and you will be on the top ten list for heating/airconditioning assistant! You guys are really hustling up there! Impressive to say the least. Will continue to pray for safety, fun, and limited “uh-oh’s”!

  2. Just think of the expanding resume. If you guys every decide to park it, which I am sure is not even on the horizon, your resume would beat the socks of most highly skilled nuclear scientist. So, just think of all the together work is building an impressive resume.

    PS, I had considered renting one of those “cherry pickers” to take down a tree in the back yard of our former S/B. My one vote did not override the other two votes submitted. Getting in the bucket is on my bucket list. ;}

  3. I remember doing all that AC stuff with dad over those couple summers I worked for him. Brings back some good memories of working with him out in the field! Love you two and will see you in just 5 weeks!!

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