A week at home

For the first time since June 15th, we have spent an entire week at home.  It felt good to crawl into our own bed each night, cook in my own kitchen, and get started again on the A/C project here at Montrose.  Ok, so I didn’t do a lot of cooking since the camp served meals all week, but still, it was good to be home.

And as to the project – well, we were somewhat limited by the heat, but we did make some progress.  Monday was spent getting organized – sorting through recent deliveries and reviewing what had already been done.  Gary got working on finishing up some ductwork in the attic and he set me up installing filters in the returns.  Maybe “installing” the filters makes it a little more glamorous than it actually was – I was opening up the grill, sticking in a filter and then closing it up again.  It did require a ladder, though!
Here’s a tip – always check the air flow arrow on your filters. Otherwise you might have to go back and change them. Just sayin’.
Tuesday and Wednesday were way too hot for attic work, so Gary let me stay home while he continued working the wiring. I must admit that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time home. It was wonderful to spend some time catching up on bookkeeping, email correspondence, some SOWER business and sewing. By Thursday it had begun to cool off, but for Gary that just meant working on the wiring in the attic instead of the control panel in the first floor office.
For me it meant – more time at the sewing machine! 🙂
But Friday was cool and rainy and it was a PERFECT day for wrapping up some chores in the attic. And wrapping up is what we did –
From this –
to this –
We were able to finish insulating all the remaining ductwork in the attic. And it only took about 75 feet of tape to do it!

So even with some non-attic days, it was a good week all around. I was able to work on some projects around the house that were beginning to pile up, and Gary was able to make some good headway on the incredible amount wiring that needs to be done in this system.
And it’s good we had at least a moderately productive week, because tomorrow morning we take off again! I know, it’s crazy, right? As we began this project way back in April we asked the director what would be a good week for us to be gone so we could take care of some Dr. appointments. He requested that we not be working July22-28 since they have one of their busiest weeks of the summer – The Montrose Christian Writers Conference. Apparently, this
is not a look they want to encourage during their conference!
So off we go! We’ll be doing a “Lower PA” sweep, including visits with my sister & hubby, my nephew and his family (including 9 mo. twins we’re anxious to meet!), my college roommate, our hometown best buds, my precious birthday buddies, and anyone else we can squeeze into the agenda! We’re planning on ending the week with a visit to our son & family in Lancaster. Another whirlwind week – but it’s all good.
Let’s face it, any week that ends with that little guy has got to be all good!
After next week we’ll be back at Montrose for the next 4 weeks.

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