The B Team

This week the B Team arrived. Trust me, this has nothing to do with B being somehow less than the A Team.  This is just our friendly designation for when our Buddy Bill arrives to give us a hand!
When Bill shows up, you KNOW that lots will get done! Last time he was here we tackled the Supplys and Returns – remember that?
This week promised to be a little less intense, though it still involved holes.
This week main goal was the Thermostats.
Those important little ditties that regulate all that Air Conditioning that’s being installed up in the attic. And the thing about thermostats is that while they look nice and tidy on the wall, actually getting them there (with the appropriate wiring) is just a little tricky.
Ready for your Installing a Thermostat in a 90 year old building lesson?
1. Decide where the best spot will be for the T-stat. Drill a small hole in the wall, check for studs and then mark the ceiling right above that spot.
2. Drill a small hole in the ceiling.
3. Push up your handy dandy dowel so the attic guy can find the spot.
4. The attic guy (aka Gary) measures carefully (taking into account the variety of different crown moldings or lack thereof) and drills a hole into the wall space. He hopes.
5. Once the attic hole is drilled, the B team makes a larger hole in the wall where the thermostat will go
6. and Gary drops down his hi-tech wire snake.
7. The downstairs guy (the B-Team) ties on another section of string, and Gary pulls it up to the attic.
8. Gary ties the thermostat wire onto the end of the second string and the B-Team pulls it back to the room.
9. Once the wire is through the hole, he cuts off the string, ties a loose knot so it can’t get pulled back up, and we move on to the next room.
Drill small hole in wall, check for studs, drill ceiling, drill through attic floor, pray for good placement, drill official t-stat hole, do the string thing, secure t-stat wire. Repeat 23 times.
10. When all the rooms are done, go back to the beginning and install the thermostats. Bill mounted them, Gary wired them, and I programmed the time and date. Then Bill went back and filled in all the ceiling holes, ’cause we like to be good stewards of our holes!
I’m happy to report that out of 23 (essentially) blind thermostat installations there were only 2 rooms that had holes that the thermostat didn’t cover and only one electric wire was drilled through. All fixed. Thermostats Done. Man, does that feel good!
But the week turned out to be more than just thermostats. We finished up the thermostats by Tuesday afternoon so Bill was able to experience some other tasks.
He worked on wiring –
Did a little ladder work –
(caulking the drain lines)
And even ended up doing some transport work –
(Yes! The outside units have arrived! Yippee!!!!)
Not even close to being hooked up, but at least they’re HERE!
(Sorry, I just can’t resist those flower shots. You were missing them, right?)
My part of the the B-Team was being the go-fer, hand-me-the-___, get the tool out of the truck, hold this steady kind of team player. Just the kind of stuff I’m good at! ‘Cause really – could you see me doing any of those things that Bill was able to do???
We had a really great week! The camp had meals going most of the week so that made life pretty simple. We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Bill – and we’re hoping we can get him back next spring when we will be working on the first floor units.
Thanks for coming, Bill – you are our very favorite B-Team!