Luray, Kansas

OK.  So I’ve shared about points from all around our home base this month, so I think it’s about time I share a little bit about Luray –
Luray is located in the Smokey Hills area of Kansas, pretty darn close to not only the center of the United States (see previous post!), but it’s also only about 20 miles from the geodetic center of North America. Talk about being in the center of things!
Luray is a classic Kansas small town, 30 miles from the interstate, which had it’s heyday in the 1940’s with a booming population of 400+, and now is home to roughly 200 Kansas-ans. Like all towns in Kansas (or so it seems to me) there is the feed co-op
and of course the water tower.
(there behind the RV!).
Here are some shots of the “downtown” area –
The local real estate office.
The cafe/bar that closed a while back
The public library, on the right (and wifi hot-spot!).
The Senior Center (again, the right side only).
One of the side streets
and the old church that is now a museum. We’ve been going to the Methodist church across the street. It’s the only church in town. The folks have been very friendly and the pastor actually goes between three churches in neighboring towns every Sunday morning. Phew.
And then there’s the walk home from church –

So that’s about it for town of Luray. Along with the library, a senior center and the Methodist Church, there is also a post office, a bank, and a mayor (who also has a jingle business). And everyone we’ve met is very friendly – a very sweet little town!

So why have we been in Luray the last three weeks?    We’re working on a SOWER project here that is unlike any we have worked on before.  Stream of God Ministry, a ministry previously located in the Rio Grande Valley, was virtually given the empty public school in town (along with about 15 acres of playing fields, etc.) for them to develop into a ministry center.  The long range plans include a Bible College with a global emphasis  and a summer camp for area children.  I’ll fill you in on just what we’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks (we’ve been plenty busy, trust me), but for now – here’s the school.
And from our parking spot…..
We’ve heard that it’s the first Hexagonal school built in the country (circa 1960). It’s pretty interesting.
But I digress – I’m supposed to be talking about Luray.
I guess you can tell that most of these small towns in Kansas are looking for anything that makes them special (Like the fancy restrooms over in Lucas). This is Luray’s attempt –
Halfway between paradise and goe
Now we know about the Garden of Eden –
Garden Eden
but we definitely had to check out Paradise…..
Hmmm….looks a little like a little Luray (with a bend at the end of town…..) 🙂

2 thoughts on “Luray, Kansas”

  1. Enjoyed the tour….as usual. Thanks. I’ve been to Hutchinson way back when….And I think that was considered the center of the US. I really think Brunswick is the center of the universe. Just kidding!
    Love you guys,

  2. Thanks for the pictures. That was high traffic time in Luray too. :o) Very friendly folks. We were there during a Friendship Day Picnic, and there were 300-400 folks there. We have no idea how far they traveled to be there that day. Such fun. Definitely a new project. Praying for those working there and the souls who will be reached through Stream of God Ministries. Hugs, E & L

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