10 Things to love about our Waco Stay

10. Free Pecans

pecans-2 pecans-1

While being parked under a mature pecan tree did account for some noisy nights when the wind was blowing, it also enabled us to collect a fair number of pecans! We only collected about twice as much as you see here because after all, we don’t have a lot of storage space. But since there always seemed to be several local folks collecting in the general area, we felt good leaving plenty for them.

9. Lake Waco – Midway Park
We have NEVER, EVER stayed in a campground for 7 weeks. Never. Midway is a Corp. of Engineers park which means that (a) the sites are usually in close proximity to a body of water (Lake Waco), (b) reasonably priced (c) and available for two weeks at a time. This time (we’ve stayed here several times before),(a) while we weren’t “on the water”, we did have a view of the water plus we had a full hookup :), (b) since Gary turned 62 we’ve taken advantage of the Golden Access Pass, which gives us ½ price camping at COE campgrounds – as in $12.00/night – and (c) due to the fact that it was off season, we were able to stay the entire 7 weeks with only have to change spots (to right next door) once!

LakeWaco-2 LakeWaco-6

8. A Busy Gary is a Happy Gary

Before we arrived in Waco we asked Lara if any of her friends had any work for Gary. You know, kind of a “Hire Lara’s Dad” scenario. Turns out that several of them did have some handyman jobs for “Pops”, so he kept busy installing outdoor lighting, removing gutters, cutting down a tree, installing a garbage disposal, repairing ductwork and drain in an attic, fixing a bathroom exhaust fan, fixing a pool room door, installing a set of (creative) interior sliding doors, and repairing a heat pump.

2012-11-28_12-49-33_973 2012-12-26_12-14-38_37

The extra money that he made paid for the campground and really helped with outfitting No. 6. 🙂

7. A Busy Dad is a Happy Dad
At Lara’s house he was able to replace the clogged kitchen drain pipe (since he had already cut a hole in the back bedroom floor to facilitate leveling the floor (done by those floor leveling professionals)), run electric to the screened porch, fixed a second floor storm window that had been pulled down in a storm, and got the sprinkler system working to the garden.


LarasFloor 2012-12-18_11-25-02_299

6. Welcome a new (to us) truck to the Family

As hard as it was to say good-bye to our sweet orange truck, we knew it was time. Since we knew we’d be sitting still for a bit, we figured we’d have time not only to shop for a just the right truck, but also to outfit the new ride for life on the road. Welcome to the family, big guy!
Dodge Trade-9
5. Cookies, Cookies, Cookies
One of the most fun things I’ve been able to enjoy with Lara has been her Annual Cookie Baking Extravaganza. This year, like last year, was tons of fun!
4. Christmas Morning
We enjoyed the company of Katie and her parents Christmas morning, and since we had opened presents the night before, we enjoyed a leisurely and delicious Eggs Benedict Christmas Breakfast.

ChristmasMorning-4 ChristmasMorning-3

And just as we were recovering from THAT food coma, we headed over to Steve and Jenna’s for a wonderful Christmas Open House. Which brings me to
3. Henry and Charlie

Henry Charlie

These two sweet boys really helped ease my Missing-The-Grandkids doldrums which would creep up on me unexpectedly. Thank you, Steve and Jenna, for sharing them with us!

2. All of our Waco peeps!
Between our extended stay two years ago (remodeling Lara’s kitchen), a couple of weeks along with some weekend visits last year, and our extra-long stay this year, these good people are not just Lara’s friends – but they are ours as well.
This was taken just last night when we had an impromptu potluck, football watching, Pit card game playing evening. It’s been so fun to get to know these young people – and we were only sad that Hugh, Jenna, Steve, John and Jennifer weren’t able to be there for the picture. We love you guys!
2a. The Housemates
Although of course these guys are included in the Waco Peeps, they are also special in many other ways. They are Lara’s family here in Waco, and I treasure their love for our daughter. I also really appreciate that they never seem surprised when they open the front door and find us sitting on the sofa. Thanks for welcoming us!
1. Dear Daughter Lara
Me and my girl!
Of course the thing we love MOST about Waco, is our DD Lara .  No need to get all mushy here, but let’s face it, if it weren’t for Lara, Waco would be just an exit (or 10) on Interstate 35. We love you DD, and we already miss you!

But I confess, it did feel good to hit the road this last day of 2012 – ’cause that’s what having a house with wheels is all about, right?


Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Happy motoring. We leave on Monday the 7th for the trip to Fl. for a few months. Probably home in March sometime. Thanks for your tips. We will be packing, packing, packing the next few days. We’ll let you know how things are going. Taking the motorcycle along also so should have some nice riding in FL. HappyNew Year. Will think about you while the quilt group is together at Mary’s for dinner and catch up tomorrow night!!

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