FAQ #1

Absolutely the first question folks ask when they learn that we live full time in our motor home and move, on average, monthly is –

What about your mail?  How does THAT work?

The answer is pretty simple – we use a mail forwarding service.  Actually, that mail forwarding service is also our “home address”, and considered our domicile.  Right now we are using a Florida service (though we almost “moved” to South Dakota a couple of years ago). That address is important for taxes, vehicle registrations, drivers licenses, and voting.  It gets a little confusing for folks since we have FL drivers licenses and FL tags on our vehicles, but when asked where we’re from we always say Pennsylvania. Well, unless  it’s a US Customs guy or a state police officer.  Then we’re from FL all the way-we don’t want to confuse THOSE guys!!

(Of course it doesn’t help that we have a Vermont tag on the front of the RV –
Vermont Tag_edited-1
It’s an old tag leftover from my grandfather. He and my grandmother were the 781st and 782nd people to register vehicles in Vermont. (This odd picture is from when we were getting new tires on the RV – it was the first picture I could find that showed the VT tag!))

But I digress. We were talking about the mail, right?

I imagine that as recently as 10 years ago keeping up with your mail (and bills) was a big hurdle for full-timers. Today, however, it’s a very different story. We handle everything on-line that we can. Credit card and bank statements, phone and internet bills all arrive in my email in-box. And because life can get pretty busy some months, I also have anything that I can set up for automatic payments. We “order” our mail monthly (although with a mail service you can get it as often as you like), and generally it has some investment statements (and who wants to open them!), an RVing magazine, a receipt or two from a charitable donation and maybe a request for a contribution or two. I know in April to look for vehicle insurance and registration forms, and of course during January and February we keep an eye out for tax stuff. If we’ve been to the doctors then we know to watch for those bills. And it’s true that once I got a notice for jury duty and I was supposed to have called in two days before I got the mail. Oops. It all got straightened out, but that could have been a bit messy!

All that being said – I do LOVE to get mail. You know, the hand addressed kind of mail. 🙂  The address over on the “contact us” page is good as long as it isn’t a rush message.  And if you ever want to send something that will arrive right away (or at least as “right away” as the USPS can manage!), check the “Where are we now” page – or send me a quick email.  I’d be happy to give you a current address. Well, it will be current for a little bit anyway!

Oh – and to make my banking even a bit easier, on the rare occasions that we get checks I can now use my phone to do the deposit. How cool is that!?!

Have another question? I’d be happy to answer anything about our Life On The Road during my Post Ever Day month of February!

Thanks for stopping by!

PS – this whole “where are you from” question really confuses the US government too!  Here’s an exchange I had with a US Census worker back in 2010!