Bow-ties, baubles, and bocce

Although our time here in Alamo is drawing to a close (we’ll be pulling out on Friday morning),  we are cramming lots into this final week!
On the work end, we’ve finished up the alterations, bow-ties and cummerbunds
and moved on to a 3500 piece mailing.
Tomorrow a couple of us will take the dresses over to the school for a final fitting, which we hope is just a final trying on of the dresses, with no additional fitting required. Fingers crossed…..
Once the mailing is done and assuming that the dresses are okay, I’m not sure just what the ladies will do. Perhaps there will be something at the school we can help with for our last day – but if not, I know that we can all find something to do at our rigs.
On the “social front” it’s been a whirlwind. Some of us ladies got together for some “beading” on Monday afternoon.
One of our SOWER ladies, JoAnn, graciously showed us the ropes and helped us make bracelets or necklaces or earrings using her beautiful beads. It was lots of fun, and I ended up with a very nice bracelet that matches one of my favorite necklaces….
When I saw all of JoAnn’s supplies – well, I knew that as much fun as it was, it was hobby I would never be taking up seriously!
Yikes – it would really cut into my fabric space!
We had dinner out with other SOWERs in the area last night, and tonight we gathered with the RVICS that we’ve been working with for a pot-luck at a local park.
After dinner there was Ladder Golf,
time for visiting
and a rousing game of Bocce Ball.
Tomorrow looks surprisingly free. Gary & I will be running some errands after he’s done for the day, but I do believe we’ll be eating at home and staying “in”.  Finally!
Thursday is a lunch out with our project host, and then it’s packing and cleaning in earnest for our departure on Friday morning.

Maybe we’ll get to catch our breath once we hit the road – but I think there are some fun plans for our trip to Louisiana in the works!

Better stay tuned……

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