The guys and the wind

I sent a camera with Gary the other day to snap some pictures of what the guys are doing.  Although there was lots done at the existing school property earlier in the project, by this week (and when Gary had the camera) everyone was working at the “new” school property.  Whether they were working on the big earth movers or installing the new fence,
they were working in steady wind with 30-45 mph gusts!
What might have looked like this one moment –
Looked like this the next –
And just when you thought you could take a breath of clean air (or almost clean air)
this would happen-
It was a rough couple of days all in all with that wind
but by the end it was very close to being ready for the foundation work to begin.
The plan is the building will be up by August 2013, and ready for students by August 2014. It will be exciting to watch its progress (one of the perks of Facebook!).

It was so windy yesterday that even the birds on the Golden Arches were hunkered down, trying not to be blown away!

Tonight is our last night at the project. We’re pulling out tomorrow morning and beginning our trek north. No, not that far north! By the end of next week we’ll be in NW Louisiana for our March project. There is always a bit of sadness at the end of a project, because saying good-bye to our new friends is always tough. This one is no exception.  We’ve worked and played with some really great folks. But in a sense, we’re ready to go. We have some fun things planned for our week on the road, and we’ve heard good things about the project we’re working at in March. And then (not that I want time to rush by, because it goes plenty fast enough without my help) after the March project we’ll be heading really north to hug our grandbabies! Now that is something to hit the road for!

This doesn’t really fit with anything in this post – just thought I’d share this pretty sunset from the other day! 🙂

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