Taking care of business

Some time ago we noticed a crack in our passenger side windshield.
New Windshield-1
Can you see it? It obviously didn’t get in the way of driving, but we figured it was time to get it fixed.
New Windshield-2
There it is :).
The glass guys arrived mid-morning today and got right to work.
New Windshield-3
After they broke the seal on the outside, the fellow on the inside was pounding and pushing it out.
Got it!
New Windshield-4
Out with the old –
New Windshield-5
Opening cleaned
New Windshield-6
New Window on its way!
New Windshield-7
Make sure that you get the windshield wiper on the right side!
New Windshield-8
More pushing and shoving – just from the other side!
New Windshield-10
Working on getting that all important gasket around the glass!
New Windshield-11
Gotta love the “scaffolding” – not to mention the backdrop!
And in less than an hour (and just before a quick rain shower!)-
Viola – new windshield!
New Windshield-12
And the good news for us is a Zero deductible on the insurance!

Since our next destination is on the other side of Houston, and we were in no hurry to tackle that traffic, we decided to just hang around in the parking lot for the rest of the day. And to keep ourselves busy, we took a walk around their huge consignment lot!
New Windshield-13
New Windshield-14
We showed a great deal of restraint (after all, we now have a new windshield!) and just enjoyed the looking! It was fun to see just what’s “out there”. And “out there” they stayed!
It’s early to bed tonight because we decided the best time to “do” Houston was around 4:00 AM. We’re all hooked up and ready to go, so –
Sweet Dreams!

3 thoughts on “Taking care of business”

  1. Is your truck 4wd and is it a stick? I am looking for a truck I can pull 4 on the ground

  2. Rick –
    Yes, our truck is 4WD, but it’s an automatic. It’s towable on 4 wheels because of the neutral in the 4WD transfer case. It’s a Dodge Ram 1500 (we used to have a Dodge Dakota 4WD which we loved, but they don’t make the Dakota anymore. ) It’s a pretty easy set-up. I just follow the directions in the owner’s manual. 🙂

  3. Thank you for your reply. It is a blessing, we have prayed about it. We wanted to to find a 4Dr Dakota when we get home. But I had no clue you could tow it. Thank you for that.

    Back to the last email. How do you do the web site you put your pictures on and talk about?
    That is so cool. Much easier than the way I do it. Plus the fact that you can send email to alert your followers that you have posted.
    I really want to learn this method.
    Can you help?

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